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Android is the technology of the masses. It is an ideal technology platform for the small and medium enterprises. We recommend Android app development to all the firms who want to get an app developed for the very first time. Samsung alone has sold 85 million phones globally in the first quarter of 2014. The massive consumer arena of Android Smartphone is too huge to be ignored by a smart entrepreneur.

The Android App development benefits your business in a few amazing ways:
  • Android is not just the technology of the masses but also has an easy entry gateway to the app market.
  • The cost of Android app development is far less than an iPhone App development
  • Android apps are based on Java, the technology that is a fundamental requirement of any system that connects to internet and thus the Android app become a cross platform utility with quite ease.
  • Android platform has very smooth documentation process that is quick and efficient.
  • There are far more ways of Android app distribution than iOS App
  • Android uses open source technology for coding, is license fee and does not charge royalty fee as well.
  • Android offers high end customised app development that is super secure and has firm integration.

Android Application Development Process of KrishaWeb

The Blueprint

First thing first, KrishaWeb app’s development team meets you to understand your requirements. Your ethics, challenges, vision and requirements all are taken into account. We study the market and do our own research as well to list expectations of your consumers. We even study the perception of your stakeholders and employees. Thorough market research of competition, consumer demands helps us get to the intricate details. We find the best features of the similar apps in the market and reconcile the requirements of the consumers with your requirements. Now, we study your competitors and commence development of the blueprint of the android app.

We discuss the initial draft with you to be on the same page and then go on to finalise the action path. This draft carries various reports, statistics and facts. KrishaWeb here proposes the best possible solutions and the most persuasive technology, user interface and app layout. Our draft report helps you with detailed description features, benefits, time frame required to develop the app and the cost to be incurred.

After agreeing on the initial draft the final blueprint of the app is developed. The blueprint is the fundamental guideline and includes segmentation of the app’s development phases, the UI/UX features, the testing and release details, etc. The blueprint acts as the guiding star for the android app development team and encourages them to develop and deliver the app with perfection, on time!

The App Model

As per the blueprint layout the android app development team now makes a dummy that enables you to go through absolute conceptualization of the entire project. We give you a walkthrough of the dummy with absolute look and feel of the real project. This involves the screen layouts, and graphed user interface. A detailed documentation process is also a part of the dummy development. With years of KrishaWeb’s development experience and expertise we claim that development and correction at dummy level saves a lot of time and money when the actual app is developed.

After seeking your consent of the dummy work we commence the actual android app development. We have a team of extremely skilled developers who have hands on experienced expertise of various Java based projects. Apart from the coding work we also perfect the theme, colour combinations, appeal and aesthetic value of the app with end user in mind. We ensure that you get a clear vision and depiction of exactly what the app will look, feel and function as.

KrishaWeb’s app development team heads including the Technical Architect, and UX Designer, UI Coder and you project manager give you a walkthrough of the model. We note your feedback and fine tune the app with perfection of quality.

The App Development

After incorporating your response on dummy model, the actual android app development process starts. The Technical Architect, UX Designer and the UI Coder work together on real time app solutions. Along with unique user experience, the technical aspects of backend databases, connectivity, loading and speed all are worked upon.

At every single step of the development phase, there is an inbuilt quality testing phase attached.

Quality assessment at every step helps us ensure that your android app is flawless and has highest optimised output. Each quality test is conducted by a team of real professionals and not just some software.

You are kept informed about app’s development at each phase by the project manage who coordinates and remain in touch with you throughout the project as you single point contact for zero confusions. After the entire development cycle is covered and all the quality assessment aspects get clear, we enable the app on the Smartphone and tables of a few people of your team to test it.

The Testing and Launch

We seek your final feedback after you run the app on your Smartphone and tablets before we are ready to release it in the market. Apart from developing a specific landing page of this app on your site, we give you the list of best app launch platforms. As per your choice the documentations and licensing takes place and we finally release the app for your consumers.

The entire walk through of the app including its features, benefits, how to download, sources of download for various platforms (in case of cross platform development), terms and conditions of use and FAQs are all covered on the landing page of your android app.

We also submit it at the Google play store and give it the best social media exposure for the information to reach to the end users. The end user feedback is incorporated on your landing page and on mobile and tablet app download screen as well.

We put in our heart and soul to see to it that your app reaches the pinnacle it deserves and your business benefits from it. The further releases of the app are taken care from time to time as the need be and as per your agreement.


Custom Android App development Services with KrishaWeb

The best part of Android apps is that offers a bouquet of viable solution to all kinds of business segments and service providers. We recommend Android as platform for:

  • Lifestyle Apps – Shopping Apps, ecommerce Apps, Food – Restaurant – B&B Apps, Travel Apps, Retail and Fashion Apps
  • Education Apps – Book Reading Apps, Educational Blog Apps, Apps for teachers and educators, Apps for school administrators and district administrators
  • Socializing apps – Gaming Apps, Socializing and Chat Apps, Social Media Apps and Networking Apps
  • Health Apps – Medical Apps, Yoga Apps, Health Calculators, Fitness and Healthy Lifestyle Apps, Exercising and Weight Loss Apps
  • B2B Apps – Training Apps, Service providing Apps
  • B2C Apps - Real Estate Apps, Investment Apps, Stocks and Securities Apps and Home Automation Apps
  • Demographic Apps – Maps, Locating Stores, Panic Apps, Security Apps, etc.
  • Eternally loved Apps - Native Apps, Music Apps, Picture - Video Apps and Multimedia Apps, Meditation and Dating and Relationship Psychology Apps

When you need the finest teams of with experience and dedication, you must contact KrishaWeb. We assure cost effective, precise and most enthralling Android apps. Our entire team is abided not only by an NDA, we are bound by the vision of being a force to reckon with. Your satisfaction is not enough for us. We battle for your recommendation seals. We put out 100% in each project we become a part of and your success is a part of our own vision.

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