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Blackberry is one of the emerging application development platforms that have taken the mobile users by storm. It constitutes a large chunk of the business market offering centralised management capabilities and robust securities. Naturally, this appeal to individual business owners and enterprises alike. BlackBerry app development at KrishaWeb uses two major platforms namely MDS and Java Micro Edition (J2ME). So, what makes Blackberry app development different? It is differentiated through its support of tethered modem, organiser tools, ERP/CRM solutions, and services. Also, applications based on this platform allow text messaging, instant messaging, e-mails, and successful management of personal information.


Features of blackberry development

  • MDS offers affordable app development
  • Java Micro Edition signifies functionality based, feature rich solutions
  • Fast & easy wireless access through mobile data solution
  • BES multiple account integration in single device
  • Rich experiences through organiser apps, message lists, browser, & phone apps
  • Quick refresh of web pages using JavaScript

Blackberry development services offered by the industry leaders

Here’s a list of Blackberry app development services from KrishaWeb Technologies

  • Server/Client Application Development
  • CRM & Voip App Development
  • GPS Integration & E-Commerce Solutions
  • Internet Services & Wireless Solutions
  • Communication & Utility App Development
  • Business & Marketing App Development
  • Wireless Gaming & Entertainment App Development
So, why choose KrishaWeb Technologies for blackberry development in India!

Individual business enterprises choose to work with us because of our proven experience in the field of Blackberry app developments. Our core capabilities associated with game and app solutions makes is the natural choice for our clients. Over the years, we have garnered a vast experience related to stand-alone application building as well as business-centric apps having high scalability and quality. This is irrespective of the complexity or the size associated with different projects. Our aim is to explore the potentials of this platform using widgets and native features to create a state of the art games and mobile apps. In-depth expertise of our professional team in J2ME, C++, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and SQLite surely helps.

When you can make the most of feature-rich KrishaWeb Blackberry development solutions, why look elsewhere? Contact us today to know more!

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