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Smart phones have unleashed consumers’ desire for convenience. An iPhone app brings in easy access to your brand to the millions of iPhone users. Your brand becomes available on their fingertips, instantly!

We develop each iPhone app for the right kind of consumers and ensure adapting to the perfect marketplace. With custom iPhone app developed by KrishaWeb your brand remains advertised in the mind of each iPhone user. Your business benefits by retaining the consumers and increasing consumer base with the iPhone app developed by KrishaWeb.

Promote your business, products and brand, instantly and at no extra cost. The success of your business as the most admired and desired brand becomes convenient with the KrishaWeb’s iPhone app development services.

With KrishaWeb’s iPhone app your business finds a new path to increase consumer satisfaction that results in better profits. Our iPhone apps help you generate new customers, more revenue and save on the advertisement cost.

Process of iPhone Application Development

The Blueprint

At KrishaWeb the process for iPhone Application development commences with sketching the blueprint of requirements that are jotted after a thorough conversation. We take into account all your ethics, needs, challenges and vision. After taking to your team of stakeholders, employees and management, we conduct a thorough market research of competition, consumer demands and get to intricate details.

Based on a sum of all the derivations we draft a brief for you consensus. The draft enables us to be on the same page and finalise the action path. This draft carries various reports, statistics and facts.

We also cover the possible solutions along with the most compelling methods and the best technologies. There is a detailed description of the SWOT, time and cost involved as well.

Once the initial draft is worked upon we come up with the final creative. This creative is a blueprint and a formal proposal that defines the entire scope of work and path of execution. The blueprint eliminates all the doubts and is referred to by all those who are associated to the project as the guiding light. In short, the iPhone App comes alive on paper for being transited to software. The developers estimate time of execution and get to work for achieving targeted delivery.

The App Model

The app that has been defined on paper now begins taking a dummy shape. A walk through of pixel perfect screen layout for each screen is conceptualised. The ultimate, griping and involving UX features are formed and the minimum programming for perfect user interface is graphed.

After an absolute mark of perfection is thrilling achieved, along with the documentation and the designs we once again run things past you for you approvals. The modelling of the App and documentation before the Real Application is developed saves a lot of time as well as money of the clients.

The high definition screens of the application each and every phase is presented after a lot of consideration of the theme work, colour combinations, appeal and aesthetic value is worked upon. We ensure that you get a clear vision and depiction of exactly what the app will look, feel and function as.

All the technology that is to be used in the app development is sorted and all the functional aspects of the App are put in the flow charts for a crystal clear user interface and coding requirements.

KrishaWeb’s app development team heads including the Technical Architect, and UX Designer, UI Coder and you project manager give you a walkthrough of the model. We note your feedback and fine tune the app with perfection of quality.

The App Development

After integration of your feedback, the actual app development process begins. The coding team gets to work and real time app solution are prepared. After finalisation of the user experience we sort the database schema of the app and work on technical aspects of backend databases for the best connectivity and minimal storage.

Each step of the development phase has an inbuilt quality testing attached to it. During the development the app goes through as many quality assessments and the number of developments. The app’s codes, UI, UX, connectivity, storage, information retrieval system, the core functional assessments and tuning of the latest guidelines all are co-ordinate.

During the development phase you project manager works in a very close proximity with the coding and development team to provide you updates and takes you approval before going on to the next test phase. After we have been thorough with the quality assessment of any comprehensive aspect of the app you are provided with the app to run it on your Smartphone and tables.

After successful quality testing of each test build, you can experience the refinement of the app and we ensure that all your feedback is worked upon with dedication.

The Testing, Launch and Maintenance

Though testing and fine tuning is a constant process right from the blueprint phase, in the testing phase we release the final app on the Smartphone and tablet of a pre-approved team members for the end user feedback. Once all the test parts of the app are put together, a final quality assessment by the KrishaWeb’s quality team is approves, your final approvals have come in we go for a dummy test run of the app for end-user feedback.

We take detailed feedback from the team approved as end user of your company. There end user feedback is noted and critically examined. Any final tweaks required to make the UI/UX enthralling are enhanced. Now the release for the board members and a few selected investors of the company is ready. Now after the final approval for the app to be released in the market the app is ready for Apple and Google’s App stores.

KrishaWeb with its years of experience has secured absolute working of the Apple, Window, and Google requirements and guidelines. With all the compliance documentation the app is submitted to the App Store. We use our Enterprise Apple Developer Account to securely distribute the app so that you can enjoy the pure benefits without any hassle.

The deployment of the app is completely as per your requirement and a full step by step walkthrough of each functional aspect of the app is made available on your sites with a distinct landing page dedicated to the app. This makes the download and co-ordination easy for the end users. The download is possible through Apple’s App store as well as on Google Play store.

With all required branding and the online marketing, we make sure that your app is successful among the segment it was crafted for.

All the codes and documentation ate transferred to you. Above all each and every member of KrishaWeb is bound by a Non disclosure agreement. Neither in full nor in part any aspect of the technology that has been designed and developed for you app can be utilised or even disclosed to a third party by any member of KrishaWeb.

Release of new updates and enhancement after launch of app is done as per your requirements. We assure you a dedicated association, quality compliance and perpetual synchronised growth, forever!

Why Us for iPhone Apps Development

KrishaWeb IPhone App Development Solution

Statistics prove that business must keep pace with changing times and those entrepreneurs who do not respect the change, lose the game as well. Here are a few more key benefits an iPhone app development for your business:

Your consumers love instant attention and services and iPhone allows you to do just that. If you are not ready to provide the products or services on consumer demand, they leave you and go ahead with the one who does. With the iPhone app’s unique and thrilling user experience, you form a strong bond with every single iPhone user and it ultimately benefits your business. An iPhone app also acts as a launch platform for new products and services. You can serve many more new products and services and use the iPhone app for turning them into a renowned brand without any special spending on branding or advertising.

Better connectivity and service to the present customers, getting more and more clients with sale of each new iPhone, an awesome platform launch new products and better business relationship, almost zero advertising cost of the new products, all result into increase of your profits and sales.

Features of iPhone Application developed by KrishaWeb Technologies

  • Seamlessly integration of the iOS technology
  • An extremely enthralling user experience and User friendly interfaces
  • Gorgeous onscreen presence with 3D graphics
  • The best interactive functions such as hardware acceleration, multi touch interface, GPS, etc. for ultimate user admiration.
  • The most updated version of the app and latest updates release with ease, with KrishaWeb you sow just once and reap for lifetime!

If you really care for your business, get in touch with out team of experts and get cracking right away!

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