Windows Phone 8 is here, where are you?

Windows Smartphone has completely changed the way you use your mobile phones, today. Keep schedules, play games, chat, send, or receive emails. Your business can reap the myriad benefits, such as, create brand identity and awareness, and strengthening your interactions with customers. The latest Windows operating systems come with mature functionality for the users. Designed for the customer centric market the original Windows Phone (WP) 7 gave marketers a new way to reach their target audience. Its successor WP 8 expanded the usability of the Smartphone.

Now the new WP 8.1 is all set to stretch the capabilities further. So, if you are not tapping this brilliant market, you are losing out business. With a separate app, for Windows operated devices your business can achieve compatibility with different available versions of Windows. This includes the Desktops, Pocket PCs, Smartphone, and various portal devices as well.


KrishaWeb - windows app solutions

KrishaWeb Technologies brings you the latest solutions in app development for Windows Smartphone. Here’s a list of different industries that we serve.

  • Healthcare Apps Development
  • Insurance Apps Development
  • Automotive Apps Development
  • Retail Apps Development
  • E-Learning Apps Development
  • Real Estate Apps Development

KrishaWeb Windows App Development solutions employs is a strong team of developers who understand the process thoroughly. Besides developments, we are also experts when it comes to app testing and porting. Over the years, we worked on different technological areas related to Windows development such as customised unified UI framework, management of digital rights, GPRS, RTP, and SIP. Besides this, we have also dealt with configuration management, audio/video recording, capture, messaging, telephony, multithreaded app framework, SNAPI, RIL, and communication based on HTTP.


KrishaWeb - your partner in success

Our development services for Windows include,

  • Windows Multimedia Apps
  • Android Business App Development
  • Social Media App Development
  • Navigation App Development
  • Windows 8 App Development
  • GPS App Development
  • Communications App Development

What’s more, the team of expert App developers At KrishaWeb Technologies keeps you updated with the latest trends, at all times. So that, you don't miss technology! Aren’t you interested in knowing more about our Windows app development solutions?

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