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Top eight B2B directories for generating leads and increasing demands for businesses in 2017

The B2B digital marketing helps businesses gain high returns on investments through different channels. However, entrepreneurs need to understand the difference between useful and useless keywords for effective digital marketing.


Brief Introduction of B2B


The founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg once said “Nothing draws a crowd more than a crowd”. An individual may use this quote to state the importance of online marketing campaigns in today’s commercial world. The businesses use these campaigns to create brand awareness. It is also possible to use these campaigns to increase the demands for specific products/services.


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  • The B2B directories have simplified the process of online business development. These trading portals work as the meeting points for thousands of global buyers and suppliers.
  • The B2B directories let businesses access the contact list of thousands of verified buyers and sellers. This access is available in exchange of a membership charge. It is an economic investment in comparison to other business development steps. Hence, B2B directories guarantee profitable outcomes at moderate expenses for businesses.
  • The Internet users perform competitive research on specific products or services using B2B directories. They use these directories to read the reviews on different brands or companies.
  • The B2B directories increase online traffic to the merchant websites and increase the sites’ ranking on SERP. The businesses can receive the same exposure as the #1 link on popular search engines. They need not fight challenging SEO battles to win this exclusivity.
  • The service-providers can use the online B2B directories to automate their sales process.
  • The analysis of competitors’ performance is vital for the growth of any business. It is an important part of marketing research. The online B2B directories provide valuable information to every businessperson through comparative analysis of the listed services.


Usefulness of Ranking on B2B Directories


  • It is hard for small/medium-sized businesses to achieve first-page ranking on the strength of primary keywords. It is not a cost-effective option for many. The giant posts usually dominate these keywords. It is extremely hard to beat these posts and attain the desired position. The B2B directories ensure top ranking without an unwinnable battle.
  • The B2B portals strive to gain visibility on leading search engines. They invest in effective SEO and SMO campaigns to achieve highest ranking with competitive keywords. The businesses can use the search-engine strength of these portals to their advantage. The digital B2B directories can direct the online traffic to listed websites. The increment in online traffic also increases the websites’ ranking with minimal effort.
  • The primary keywords may generate higher search-volume for businesses. It does not guarantee a higher conversion-rate. The businesspersons need to place their brands in front of the conversion-ready users. The B2B directories give businesses this opportunity. They improve the brand’s visibility and increase its demand amongst customers. They generate higher ROI with increased conversion rate.
  • The service-providers gain access into millions of customers after registering into an online B2B marketplace. They can also contact other traders, middlemen or industrialists. The rate of response increases for any businessperson through B2B directories.


Top Eight B2B Directories Driving Demand and Leads


#1 Clutch


It is prudent to target the B2B directories with ranking on the first page of lead search engines. The businesses can utilize the visibility of popular directories for exposure to quality clients.

  • The Clutch is one of the leading digital directories of these days with third position on Google.
  • This directory is perfect for agencies trying to connect with a variety of B2B businesses.
  • It is an ideal digital directory for online advertising, web development, SEO and web designing companies.


#2 Curata


The Curata secures the leading position in content marketing services for unique content creation techniques. The Curata is known to organize a variety of resource-hubs for the community.

  • It does not depend on the ranking for keywords during the development of a digital marketing plan. It publishes the directory lists and targeted contents for ranks.
  • The end-customers of many businesses look for high-quality content marketing services. Curata is perfect for these businesses.
  • This website features the name of exclusive content marketing agencies. Their list does not include the name of PR/advertising agencies offering mediocre content marketing services.


#3 Capterra


The Capterra is an excellent lead generator for B2B businesses associated with software development.

  • This online directory has more than 400 categories listing a variety of software services. This specificity makes it easier for the customers to search for software companies based on their necessities. Each category includes the name of 40-45 software companies.
  • The particular digital directory displays more than 200,000 reviews from software users. The immenseness of this number attests to the popularity of this digital directory.
  • The Capterra has helped thousands of customers find the exact solution with its effortless searching option. The software businesses can take advantage of this feature to increase their visibility.
  • Capterra also categorizes the software companies based on the industries they serve. It functions like a mini SERP. It can generate enormous leads for the listed business.


#4 SAP


The App development companies may benefit from digital directories capable of offering comparative analysis. The SAP’s App Center compares the services of app development agencies. It creates separate categories and listings based on the result of comparative analysis.

  • The SAP’s App Center has five major categories displaying a variety of apps based on their features and services. The app developers may use this facility to gain optimum visibility.
  • The category of Featured Apps usually receives the majority of attention from the customers. The category also exhibits the highest number of conversion rate. The App developers may use this category on SAP’s App Center to receive maximum number of leads.
  • It is essential to get ‘certified’ on SAP’s App Center in order to produce qualified searchers.


#5 Software Advice


This digital directory creates a variety of business directories for innumerable sub-industries. The Software Advice has 412 software guides based on different features and services.

  • The customers can use these categories to create a shortlist of proper software applications based on priorities. This particular feature increased the popularity of Software Advice.
  • More than 500,000 customers sought the advice of Software Advice before the selection of software. The size of this number attests to the popularity of this online directory.
  • It has 12 popular categories, 35 main categories and countless of sub-categories to enlist a business. The software businesses can use this feature to improve both lead and demands.


#6 G2 Crowd


The G2 Crowd informs the businesses about the preferred directories of their customers.

  • This information is crucial for the providers of software and digital marketing services. The service providers may use the data to maximize ROI with high-quality leads. The G2 Crowd offers a list of reliable B2B tech firms and software businesses.
  • This digital directory has 17 major categories and more than 30 sub-categories. It offers authentic information on the features, usefulness and providers of these services.
  • The unbiased and real-time users’ reviews have increased the credibility of G2 Crowd. This digital directory promises equal credibility and maximum leads for the listed businesses.


#7 ReadySaaSGo


This ‘niche’ digital directory is suitable for the businesses dealing in the SaaS software distribution model. This particular digital directory offers maximum visibility to the SaaS vendors.

  • The ReadySaaSGo creates different directories based on type of the industry and sub-service. It has 17 major categories listing specifically the names of various SaaS service providers. The major categories include multiple subcategories. This type of classification helps customers find SaaS service-providers based on their specific demands.
  • The ReadySaaSGo has become a reliable source for SaaS service-providers due to this reason. It drives a significant amount of lead to the websites of listed SaaS vendors.


#8 Alibaba


The Alibaba is a well-recognized name amongst the name of leading digital directories. It lists innumerable range of products and services belonging to a variety of commercial categories.

  • It has five major categories and countless subcategories. Every subcategory has 8-10 different categories. The large number of products and services available on Alibaba attests to its popularity. The listed businesses receive maximum visibility from this digital directory.
  • This digital directory features the experts’ and customers’ reviews on various products.
  • This digital directory does not target a specific type of customer. The businesses may witness a dearth in focused conversion rate due to the diversified listing on Alibaba.




The B2B digital marketing helps businesses enjoy highest returns on their investments through different channels. However, entrepreneurs need to understand the difference between useful and useless keywords for effective digital marketing. It is a time-consuming and costly process. The listing on digital directories saves the service-providers from chasing SERPs at the cost of valuable time/resources.



The customers visit the digital directories to learn about various products, services and service-providers. The digital directories increase the visibility of service-providers and businesses due to this reason. The digital directories may not offer a glorious ranking on the first page of leading search-engines. It offers maximum lead with improved ROI and conversion rates. These features offer more growth to the businesses in comparison to SERP ranking.

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