Thursday, May 11, 2023 by Kenar Raval

DevOps Engineer

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Educational Qualification



  • Understanding customer requirements and project KPIs.
  • Writes specifications and documentation for the server-side features
  • Participates in project planning meetings to share their knowledge of system options, risk, impact, and costs vs. benefits.
  • Must know how to choose the best tools and technologies which best fit the business needs and Set up tools and required infrastructure.
  • Cloud deployment and Infrastructure management.
  • Test, build, design, deploy, and ability to maintain continuous integration and continuous delivery process using tools like Docker, Jenkins, GitLab CI/CD, Git, etc.
  • Ability to automate tests and deploy the code and monitor.
  • Work in close coordination with the development and operations team such that the application is in line with performance according to the customer’s expectations.
  • Uses configuration management software to automatically deploy updates and fixes into the production environment.
  • Performs routine application maintenance to ensure the production environment runs smoothly. Develops maintenance requirements and procedures.
  • Recommends performance enhancements by performing gap analysis, identifying alternative solutions, and assisting with modifications.
  • Identifying and deploying cybersecurity measures by continuously performing vulnerability assessment and risk management
  • Incidence Management and root cause analysis
  • Managing periodic reporting on the progress to the management and the customer

Skills Required

  • Experience working on Linux/Window based infrastructure
  • Excellent understanding of PHP, Java, and Javascript.
  • Excellent understanding of Web servers (Apache, Nginx) and configuration and managing databases such as MySQL, Mongo, PgSQL etc.
  • Working experience in Version control like Git, CI/CD pipeline like Jenkins, GitLab CI, Testing tools like Selenium, Cypress, and PHPUnit, Docker Container and Kubernetes, Monitoring tools like Nagios, and Prometheus etc.
  • Must have knowledge of Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform along with other could hosting
  • Excellent in troubleshooting and Security management concepts.
  • Working knowledge of various tools, open-source technologies, and cloud services
  • Awareness of critical concepts in DevOps and Agile principles.


Contact Details

Contact Person: Vandana Dave
Contact Number: +91 7874109182

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