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  • What you should know before planning the PERFECT Holiday Marketing Campaign

    Monday, Nov 17, 2014 / Advertising and Marketing / KrishaWeb

    Just as the coming of the holiday season builds up anticipation among buyers, it is the time of impatience and restlessness for the sellers too. When shoppers seek the best deals around, stores want their cash registers ringing! A silent tug of war constantly wedges between the businesses where everyone wants to out the winner and make the fattest sales! ...

  • Remarketing strategies for boosting revenue generations

    Friday, Sep 05, 2014 / Advertising and Marketing / KrishaWeb

    Remarketing strategies work simply because you are dealing with an audience that have already made the first contact and understand very well about your products and services. With them, you do not need to start from the scratch, but instead just develop the right strategy that appeals to them and convert them into customers. ...