Digital Transformation

  • How to Increase Sales for Manufacturing Business: Expert Advice

    Tuesday, Aug 16, 2022 / Business / KrishaWeb
    It goes without saying that ‘consistently increasing sales is the best result for any manufacturing business.’ However, many times, a manufacturer business loses out due to poor sales strategy or not recognizing the target customers and more. These are the biggest loopholes in any business including those who are into manufacturing. Let us glance through
  • Digital Transformation in Retail Industry: Top Trends and Benefits

    Thursday, Jun 02, 2022 / Business / KrishaWeb
    The act of purchasing goods and services by consumers and businesses retail. Making up almost 70% of the total US economic output, customer spending is an important component of the economy. All the businesses in manufacturing, transportation, education, healthcare, and more engage in retail sales and they have one thing in common, while their specialties