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  • What Magento Experts Think About Magento Certifications!

    Tuesday, Nov 13, 2018 / Expert Interview / KrishaWeb
    Magento Qualified people are not really pebbles on the coastline. They are as rare as they come, and that’s exclusively due to the competitiveness of the certifications as well as the benefits associated with them. The tests are designed to single out the best Magento experts through extensive testing of the abilities. Magento certifications come
  • An Expert Interview with Sophia Phillips – WordPress expert working at WordPrax

    Friday, Dec 22, 2017 / Expert Interview / KrishaWeb
    At KrishaWeb, our team is glad to introduce one of the best WordPress Expert ― Sophia Phillips. She is top-notch WordPress expert working at WordPrax, a marketplace that help businesses to take it to the next level by getting them right marketing professionals. Besides, she has written innumerable articles on WordPress and other technical topics.