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  • Yahoo and Google sign three-year search partnership

    Wednesday, Oct 21, 2015 / Google News / KrishaWeb

    Big news from the Yahoo office. Yahoo and Google have confirmed the three-year deal to show Google search results in Yahoo search. This is a search agreement between two giant in order to provide better search and user experience to Yahoo users. ...

  • New design of Google Logo: Cleaner, softer and more playful

    Wednesday, Sep 02, 2015 / Google News / KrishaWeb

    The search giant Google has made the first major design change in last 17 years. The Company has changed the logo and unveiled the new design on Tuesday, September 1st. ...

  • Google Inc. will be one of the many entities under Alphabet Inc.

    Tuesday, Aug 11, 2015 / Google News / KrishaWeb

    Larry Page has announced big news on Monday, 10th August 2015. He declared that the company is changing the operating structure and forming a head company called “Alphabet”. This new structure will invest in the scales of various opportunities inside Google and focused on taking long-term view. Google Inc. is going to be the subsidiary entity of Alphabet Inc. ...

  • Google #NoHacked campaign to protect webmasters from Hackers attack

    Wednesday, Jul 29, 2015 / Google News / KrishaWeb

    Google has told the community that ‘Getting Hacked’ is the main concern for the online publishers. According to Google they have noticed a 180 % increase in the number of sites getting hacked over the past year. That is the reason why Google is continuing the #NoHacked campaign to educate webmasters about website hacking issues. ...

  • Google Maps for Android allows to add custom names for places

    Friday, Jul 24, 2015 / Google News / KrishaWeb

    Finally, Google has updated, the most awaited and requested feature for Google Maps i.e. “Adding Custom Names for Places”. Currently, the feature is only available for Android users. ...

  • Google I/O 2015 ATAP Highlights

    Thursday, Jun 04, 2015 / Google News / KrishaWeb

    Google I/O 2015 was among the best events held by Google so far. This year’s I/O was not just about android and Mobile. They have given the preview of the next generation technology in some of their ATAP sessions ...

  • Filing reconsideration request is now easy with revamped document

    Tuesday, Feb 10, 2015 / Google News / KrishaWeb

    Submitting reconsideration request to recover the manual penalty is easy now. Google has revamped the reconsideration request document in Google Webmasters Help Center. They have also explained webmasters what they should include in reconsideration document and discussed some of the common mistakes that result into reconsideration request rejection. ...

  • Google includes ticket links, delegated listings, comedians and venues in event knowledge graph

    Friday, Jan 16, 2015 / Google News / KrishaWeb

    Google has made an update in event knowledge graph after launching it in March 2014. New features of event knowledge graph enable to show the event venue, primary ticket seller and other important information about the event. ...

  • Google translate app will let you to translate voice to text soon

    Friday, Jan 16, 2015 / Google News / KrishaWeb

    Microsoft’s Skype has launched their “Translator preview” in December 2014 that enables voice-to-voice translation for different languages. Google is also planning to update the Google translate application to provide speech to text translation and to add automatic language recognition feature. ...

  • Google’s new No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA to spot between human and bots

    Thursday, Dec 04, 2014 / Google News / KrishaWeb

    Google has announced a new Capthcha program that they called “No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA” to protect your website from bot spam and abuse. Human verification through reCAPTCHA is now as easy as just one click. ...


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