• Instagram Messenger Room for Business: How It Can Help in This Pandemic

    Tuesday, Aug 04, 2020 / Instagram / KrishaWeb
    What is an Instagram Messenger Room? Connecting with 50 people at a time is no doubt a great thing. Just like Facebook messenger room, now Instagram is also rich with a similar kind of feature. Now an Instagram user is able to set up rooms for their friends and followers. Not only an individual will
  • Cracking Instagram Secrets: Why Instagram Live is Crucial for Your Business? [2020 Updated]

    Thursday, Jun 11, 2020 / Instagram / KrishaWeb
    What is Instagram Live? Instagram Live can be very well defined as a unique feature which works seamlessly within the Instagram Stories and offers scope to users to make live broadcasting of videos to other users present on the same platform. The moment users start making live broadcasting of video streams from their accounts, one
  • Instagram introduced new feature called ‘Instagram Stories’

    Thursday, Aug 04, 2016 / Instagram / KrishaWeb

    Instagram Stories contains the same format as the Snapchat stories. Facebook owned photo sharing app has literally cloned the Snapchat stories feature with some improvements and tweaks. Facebook has tried to copy Snapchat multiple times with standalone apps like Poke, Slingshot and Instagram Bolt. But, they failed to attract users to download a standalone app that does same as the Snapchat. So this time, the company has embraced the feature in their successful product Instagram. ‘Instagram Stories’ looks impressive at the first glance....

  • 7 tips to drive organic traffic on Instagram

    Friday, Jul 15, 2016 / Instagram / KrishaWeb

    Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms. It has more than 500 million active users. That is really a huge number. When you have such a huge audience on a platform, it provides you enormous opportunity to attract customers to any business. There are several other reasons apart from its huge audience to promote your business on the Instagram. It is a visual marketing platform that lets you present your product creatively to your target audience. According to recent marketing surveys, Instagram generates more quality leads compared to other networks....

  • Instagram unveils new logo and app UI

    Thursday, May 12, 2016 / Instagram / KrishaWeb

    Instagram is approaching the changes thick and fast nowadays. The company has recently introduced the ads on the platform and algorithm based feeds. They are also testing with the business-specific Instagram profiles. But, the company has revealed the biggest change since the evolution of the platform on Wednesday. Instagram has unveiled the new brand logo for the platform and new app interface. Yes, you are reading it right. Forget that old style brown hued camera icon Instagram logo. It is changed now.  ...

  • Six reasons your small business should be using Instagram

    Tuesday, Feb 23, 2016 / Instagram / KrishaWeb

    There are umpteen social networks that are easily available to choose from to ascertain how and where to promote your brands and focus your digital marketing initiatives. ...

  • Instagram ads are now more flexible and easy to optimize

    Tuesday, Nov 03, 2015 / Instagram / KrishaWeb

    Instagram is no more only a photo-sharing social media platform. It is one of the biggest mobile advertising platforms with its over 400 million monthly active user base. The company is putting solemn efforts to provide better opportunities to the advertisers. Instagram has recently made some improvements in the Ad Platform that makes it an even better place for advertising. ...

  • Instagram announced updates in company advertising policy

    Wednesday, Sep 09, 2015 / Instagram / KrishaWeb

    Instagram has recently updated their Advertising policy and increased the video ad time from 15 seconds to 30 seconds. Such video ads are available in another 30 countries now and users across the globe will get this feature by the end of September 2015. ...

  • Instagram is Upgrading Image resolution by 1080px

    Wednesday, Jul 08, 2015 / Instagram / KrishaWeb

    Instagram - the most popular image sharing app, upgrading it’s Image quality for better user engagement. Now you can enjoy a better and bigger image resolution with Instagram. Instagram has started storing images with 1080px resolution. From the establishment of Instagram, it allows to upload images with the standard size of 640 X 640 resolution. Now it’s time to serve users a better image sharing experience. ...

  • Instagram redesigned the website

    Wednesday, Jun 10, 2015 / Instagram / KrishaWeb

    Instagram as we all know is more of a mobile focused application. The majority of the users prefers mobile device to access Instagram. The company has changed the Instagram website design layout to provide better user experience to web users as well. ...