• Pinterest Launched Pinterest Academy (A Marketing Guide To Business)

    Monday, Oct 21, 2019 / Pinterest / KrishaWeb
    Pinterest is a popular social networking platform where people can find unique ideas for hobbies or interests. Pinterest can even be used to increase the web-traffic to merchant sites and can increase sales for businesses with its unique set-up where a Pin (image) is saved by a Pinterest user that is linked to a particular
  • Pinterest rolled out new visual search function to platforms

    Tuesday, Nov 10, 2015 / Pinterest / KrishaWeb

    Pinterest has been the source of inspiration for designer and creative guys. The visual social media platform is also becoming the go-to place for the online shoppers in recent past. The company has introduced the new search feature called ‘Visual Search’ to the platform. It enables the user to find a specific product from a particular image. ...

  • Pinterest introduced new “Buy It” button

    Thursday, Jun 04, 2015 / Pinterest / KrishaWeb

    Pinterest has announced that they are going to introduce Buyable pins to the platform. Users will be able to buy any product directly through the “Buy It” button from the pin without leaving the application. ...

  • New Pin It button from Pinterest to speed up the bookmarking

    Monday, Apr 06, 2015 / Pinterest / KrishaWeb

    Here are some interesting updates from the Pinterest! Pinterest has launched new “Pin It” button for the web browsers to speed up the Bookmarking. Users can now easily save the things for later use through this new extension. ...

  • Pinterest introduces a new edit option for multiple pins

    Monday, Dec 29, 2014 / Pinterest / KrishaWeb

    The year 2014 has been the year of an array crucial updates in social media platforms. Myriad of updates have been announced and implemented on major social media networks like Facebook has updated graph search, YouTube allows to make custom channel URL, Instagram adds five new filters to iOSand Android app etc. ...