Four major LinkedIn updates of the year 2015

LinkedIn is the best platform where professionals from various industries meet. LikedIn was launched back in 2003 and currently have more than 400 million monthly active users. This huge user base includes professionals from all different industries. Professionalism is the biggest plus for the LinkedIn users. And the company always tries to keep the platform spam free and professional enough. LikedIn has made several updates to platform in 2015. These updates include update in search engine algorithm to provide most relevant search result and update in the company page and notification center. LinkedIn has introduced most awaited messaging feature. As a result, the biggest professional social network has more than 400 million monthly active users now. Here we have collected four most important LinkedIn updates of the year. LikedIn is getting mobile focused and trying hard to provide better user experience to small screen users. Let’s have a look over some important LinkedIn updates of the year till 30


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