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WordPress Intermediate Guide

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This WordPress eBook – “Intermediate Guide for WordPress” has covered all the important points to learn and implement the WordPress website management which includes;

  • User (Roles) Management in WordPress
  • Creating Custom Menus for Navigation
  • Create and Customize Child Themes in WordPress
  • How to Stop Comment Spam
  • WordPress Website Optimization Tips
  • Cross Browser Testing of WordPress Website
  • How to Backup and Restore a WordPress Website
  • Important Tips for WordPress Beginners

This guide is a one-step advance form of our previous WordPress Guide – A Detailed Explanation Of The WordPress Platform. In this guide, you will be able to gain all the important skills to run and manage a WordPress site successfully.

We have a copy ready in the form of the web-pages as well as in the form of soft copy eBook (for later reading) Download Now!