What is Cross Browser Testing?

It is the job of Cross Browser Testing to ensure that the WordPress website functions correctly on all browsers, mobile devices and operating systems, and screen sizes.

Why I Need Cross Browser Testing?

Consumers, today, are on multiple devices. Moreover, there are also many browser versions. It is necessary to create a good user experience amongst the majority of the user base. The website will be more inclusive for its visitors only if more and more browsers are optimized. So, cross-browser testing will make your website accessible and appealing to all the users.

How to Perform Cross Browser Testing?

Cross-browser testing can be done either manually or by an automated method.

Manually- it is time-consuming and costly. In this method, the testers run the same test cases using different browsers and reports any error based on the application’s behavior. It is not possible to cover many browsers. So the automated method is a feasible option.

Automated method- there is a lot of tools available for cross-browser testing. Few well-known tools are Saucelabs, Browserstack, Crossbrowsertesting.com, Spoon, TestingBot, Ghostlab, and Multibrowser.