How To Backup Your WordPress Site?

Have you ever lost your WordPress site? Was your website hacked by an intruder to track the details? The hacker might perhaps hack your system just to track the details or anything. Did your website break down after installing a faulty plugin or theme? These conditions are really scary as they can cause real-time threats and dangers.

In such situations, we would only want to get back the site for proper and normal functioning, Backup is a reliable solution. for backup, all you need to do is press the RESTORE BUTTON.

What Is Backup?

Backup is to copy of all your data that can be retrieved in case something goes wrong with your website. It is like a prevention method to prepare for upcoming problems. This saves not only your data but also your time, money, and dedication that you have put on your website.

Why Backup?

Backup is necessary because it will save your skin in different situations like hacking, update installation, or just manual by mistake gelation. Nowadays, with the advancement of technicality, everyone needs to protect their information and store the data in a safe and secure location. Here is where the role of backup comes in.

Methods To Backup Your Data

1. Backup Through Hosting

The simplest way is backup through hosting. In the main dashboard, backup is undertaken by the host.

2. Backup Through Plugins

Manual backup through plugin can be an effective way. Here Updraft plus can be used. It works by backing up your website directly to your choice of area like Dropbox, google drive, Amazon S3, email, and other platforms.

Follow these steps,

  • Plugins > Add Plugin.
  • Search for Updraft plus and select Updraft plus WordPress backup plugin.
  • Click on install now > Activate.
  • Settings > Updraft Plus backups
  • This will open the page where you can backup / restore your website.

3. Backup Manually

Database Backup Through phpMyAdmin

The manual method of using phpMyAdmin can be done in the following ways

  • Login to cPanel and click on phpMyAdmin.
  • Enter the username and password to login.
  • Click to reveal all of your databases.
  • Select the ones to be backed up and then export.
  • Lastly, select add on table and tick the save the file and finally click the go button to save the copy of your database.

Files Backup Using SFTP

Backup using SFTP can be done in the following steps,

  • Install an SFTP CLIENT that will give interface.
  • Now do a manual setup of your IP address, username, password, etc. and connect
  • Create a destination folder for making backups.
  • Drag your files to back up and drop them in the folder.

Backup Through cPanel

Backup manually through cPanel can also be done easily by just following the given steps.

  • Navigate to cPanel for logging in.
  • See the backup wizard icon under the files section, select it.
  • Click on the backup button.
  • Select the home directory from the options given.
  • Click on a home directory to download your home directory.
  • Click on the go back link now to go to the previous page.
  • Now select MySQL Database under partial backup.
  • Finally click on the WordPress database, to download a copy to the local machine.
  • Now archive the given downloaded data.


Backup on WordPress or on any other platform is easy because of various ways and options available. You just need to research and implement well for a safe and effective backup!