WordPress is one of the best and widely used CMS (Content Management System) on the Internet. No matter if you run a large website or a small blog of your passion, WordPress is needed to be optimized to run smoothly on various devices. With reducing the attention time of the viewers, your site will get affected if it takes a long time to load. Viewers may change from your site to some similar sites. This is as important as getting a high ranking in the search engine results.

Select Right Hosting for Website

Choosing the right host is important to optimize your WordPress. There are two types of hosting- shared hosting and virtual hosting.

In shared hosting, your site is hosted on a server where other sites are also hosted. The company has major control in this hosting, and you will not have much control. On the other hand, virtual hosting provides you with complete control over your site.

Use Light WordPress Theme

The themes with many images or graphics will put unnecessary load on your page. Select a theme that has fewer graphics and is easy to load.

Choose the one which is optimized for computer, mobile, and other devices.

Monitor Your Plugins

With plugins, sites can be easily operated. But, too many plugins can slow down your site. The more the numbers of plugins, the slower the site gets. Therefore, it is essential to monitor plugins.

Image Optimization

Pages or posts with lots of images or HQ images take time to load. Moreover, images take more space and the site slows down. Make sure to optimize the image before uploading. Many plugins are also available to convert your images and this does not affect the quality of the image. Use any one of these to reduce the loading time of your site.

Enable Gzip Compression

It compresses a page up to 70 percent of its original size and sends it to the browser. The browser then decompresses it to show it to the viewer.

Minify JavaScript and CSS

Whenever anyone clicks on your site, their computer requests for JavaScript and CSS files. More requests can slow down your site. But you can combine both JavaScript and CSS files into a single one.

Enable Browser Caching

There are few files on the site that aren’t changed for a long time. The cache saves those files to speed up the site loading on the device. It is one of the best and easiest ways to avoid long loading time.

Use CDN Network

The greater the distance of a viewer from your data center, the more time it will take to load. A CDN (Content Delivery Network) uses the viewers nearest CDN to reduce the loading time.

Optimize WordPress Database

It is important to optimize the WordPress database to reduce unnecessary and extra things in the database.


It is important to keep your site optimized to make the page load quicker. This will help to keep you on a higher rank in the search engine and attract more viewers.