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About Panorama Kino Theatre

Panorama redefines the theatrical experience as its rotating kino-theatre structure transforms reality into fantasy, provoking our senses and re-mystifying the world we inhabit. Their innovative approach is based on a pop-up structure which rotates 360 degrees on its axis. Through a window, the audience experiences the world outside.

Services Performed

  • Front End Development
  • Multilingual Website Integration
  • UI/UX Designing
  • WordPress Development
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A client approached to make a user-friendly website with multiple language support. They have bundles of video which they want to integrate into the website and some documented information provided in PDF formats that they wanted to share with users.


The client was having very little data to showcase to their website other than images and videos. We suggested them to go for a single-page website which can be easily maintained through WordPress CMS. Also, we embedded their videos to Vimeo for seamless video streaming.


  • Single page application website with awesome user experience.
  • Flexible WordPress CMS Integration.
  • Access of multiple languages for ease of user.
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