WT Café

About WT Café

WT Café is a food franchise company that delivers meals to kids and families everywhere they learn and play. Their goal is to provide children and families with the wholesome foods they need to live long, healthy lives.

Services Performed

  • API Development & Integration
  • Front End Development
  • UI/UX Designing
  • WordPress Development


WT Café is having 40+ Food Franchise and they were looking to manage their multiple franchise website centrally with one website. They were also looking to keep each website run independently according to the location of the user.


After analyzing the problem, we made a robust action plan to tackle this issue. We develop API and integrated it in the back end which is connected to all 40+ franchise web pages to manage the data. We have also provided a facility to search nearby franchise by entering the Zip Code and allow them to enquire.


  • Area wise menu access to users.
  • People can access nearby franchise website.
  • Increase in daily visits from the website.
  • Increase in conversion from the website.
  • Increase requests from students for food.
  • Full integration is as per Google Guideline for natural search
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