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How to Create a Hero Banner in Magento PWA

The process of adding banners to Magento is not an easy one. Your website’s Magento edition will determine which one you’re using. Banners are the advanced Magento Commerce functionality not offered in free open source platforms. Well, let’s start with an easy one. To create hero banner in Magento

Step 1: Choose Menu Manager

1) On the Admin left sidebar, tap Scandiweb. Then under Navigation, choose Menu Manager.

2) Choose Add New slider button.

3) In the general Information tab, enter the following information:

  • Slider Title
  • Status , Slider Menu Status, Slider Navigation Status, Lazy Load Status to enable or disable
  • Animation Speed, Slide Speed
  • Number of slides to display, Number of slides to scroll, Number of slides to display on tablets, Number of slides to scroll on tablets, Number of slides to display on mobile, Number of slides to scroll on mobile

4) Tap Save and Continue Edit


Step 2: Add New Slider

1) Open the manage slider tab.

2) click on Add new button and fill in the following information:

3) Enter the slide Title that will appear on the storefront

4) Set slide Status to Enabled or Disabled.

5) Assign the banner to the Store where you want the banner to be visible.

6) set to the start time, end time, position.

7) Tap Save and Continue Edit


Step 3: Select Widget

1) If you want to add banner in homepage then go to the pages inside the content and add a widget of slider.

2) Tap Save and Continue Edit.

Voila and it’s done. Please let us know if there is anything we missed. Waiting for your comments. Stay tuned.

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