American Made Farmers Market

About A-MFM

American Made Farmers Market (A-MFM) is an online platform dedicated to connecting cannabis businesses within the marijuana industry to the vendors they need to be successful. This marketplace aims to provide a great platform for businesses to come together for a better and more efficient way of conducting business on a wholesale level.

Services Performed

  • Digital Marketing
  • Magento Development
  • UI/UX Design


Creating such dynamic functionalities for an online marketplace dedicated to the Cannabis industry was not so easy for us. Some glimpses of challenging functionalities…

  • A complex user hierarchy [Retailers, Brands and End-Users], 
  • Multi-vendor functionality, 
  • Online auction functionality for products, 
  • Managing and restricting users at each authoritative area, 
  • Product management with dynamic SKU and much more at one portal.



Based on the discussed scope with the client, we suggested and implemented multiple functionalities to make operations easy for all sorts of users. 

  • To deal with the needs of retailers module we developed multi-vendor functionality in which sellers can manage their CBD products, customers and their orders easily. 
  • Customers can shop CBD products from sellers by participating in auctions. 
  • Apart from these individual brands or retailers can advertise their product catalogue and business with exciting advertising features, too. 
  • Everything would be done based on the subscriptions and approvals. 
  • Simple and easy checkout process for everyone and much more.


  • A responsive and fully functional marketplace
  • Scalable User management at every level
  • Easy to understand back-end admin dashboards for Brands, Retailers and end-users
  • Product management with Dynamic Sku at each section
  • Perfect billing and order shipping management
  • Simple implementation of Payment methods
  • Regular news updates direct from industry
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