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About News Cosmos

News Cosmos is an online news platform for users. It is more likely a social platform for news and debate lovers. All users can debate on any published news through the comment section. Users can also create their communities and invite people to have a discussion.

Services Performed

  • Laravel Backend Development
  • React Development
  • UI/UX Designing


Creating such dynamic functionalities for an online news portal was not so easy for us. Yes, developing a larger but simple news platform with 

  • News post based on the third party news link
  • News Organization fetch based on URL
  • Separation of news posts according to topics
  • Different types of communities
  • Advertisement Management

It’s not quite easy to manage all these at one online portal.


Based on the discussed scope with the client, we suggested and implemented multiple functionalities to make operations easy for all sorts of users. 

  • We have fetched all data from the URL using schema techniques.
  • Users can also only view the discussion and can be updated with the latest news without login.
  • Filter and sorting of their own feeds along with the other news. 
  • Can create a small kind of personal group through communities.
  • Advertisement on websites for revenue generation.


  • A responsive and fully functional News Portal
  • News as per user’s interest and their region
  • Admin account for managing the users, posts and organizations
  • Nth Level of commenting
  • Public, Private and Restricted Communities
  • User Accounts with their comments, posts and communities
  • Invite Friends/colleagues to join communities
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