KrishaWeb is attending WordCamp US 2017


WordCamps are the WordPress Community events organized by the dedicated team of the volunteers. It is the best part of the awesome WordPress Community. WordCamp US is no different.

WordCamp US is the largest WordCamp in North America. More than 2000 Attendees from across the globe will take part in this event on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd December. This three-day event will take place at Music City Center, 201 Fifth Avenue South, Nashville, TN 37203 on the first weekend of December. In addition to hosting events, Music City Center is the host of public artwork. The center represents over 50 artists and displays with over 100 pieces of eye-catching artwork.

KrishaWeb is glad to be the part of biggest WordPress Community event in North America. We are visiting WordCamp US on the first weekend of December. We have visited many WordCamps in India. This will be the first appearance of KrishaWeb in the WordCamps outside India. You can meet and connect with us during the event to share and exchange knowledge and experience. We are very excited about the event. Visit to know more about the WordCamp US.

WordCamps are a great place to meet the community fellows and learn new things about the technology. There will be lots of power packed sessions throughout three days of the WordCamp US. Check out the list of all the informative fun-filled sessions at #WCUS. More than 55 Expert Speakers will share their knowledge and experience with the community. Here is the list of all Speakers at WordCamp US.

You can follow WordCamp US on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social networks to get the latest updates from the Nashville. We would love to meet you at WordCamp US. You can find us on twitter through the Twitter handler @KrishaWeb or @ImParthPandya. Just DM and we will be in touch with you during the event.

We are very excited for the first out of the India WordCamp Visit. Stay tuned to our Blog and Follow us on Social Media to get the direct updates from the Nashville.

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