KrishaWeb Celebrating 15 Years of Tech Magic, Milestones, and Memories!

KrishaWeb celebrating its 15th anniversary

We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone in our journey. KrishaWeb just hit a whopping 15-year milestone, and we’re buzzing with excitement!

Can you believe it’s been 15 whole years of crazy adventures, tech upgrades, and building this awesome community? Well, we couldn’t!

Big shoutout to our awesome team, kickass clients, and all of the readers who’ve helped us achieve higher search engine rankings and hit our milestones one after the other.

From just a few of us wearing multiple hats and now to a full-fledged team, from one spot to all around the map to ticking several ones, and adding new skills to our hat while expanding on the tech stack – we’ve come a looo…ng way.

So, stick around if you’re curious about the behind-the-scenes magic, achievements, highs, lows, and unfiltered trips and events. We’re about to spill the beans on how KrishaWeb has evolved over the past 15 years.

Let’s jump in!

Round up of 15 Beautiful Years at KrishaWeb: Spilling Beans!

Subtle Glimpses of the Events: One step closer to the community!

WordCamp Success in Ahmedabad

Being a leading WordPress agency in India, KrishaWeb actively contributed to the local WordPress community by successfully hosting and participating in four WordCamps in Ahmedabad. These events played a pivotal role in fostering a vibrant and collaborative WordPress community.

WordPress VIP Silver Agency Partner

KrishaWeb’s dedication to WordPress was officially recognized when WordPress VIP designated the company as its Silver Agency Partner. This acknowledgement reflects the team’s commitment to delivering high-quality solutions within the WordPress ecosystem.

Global Presence and Participation

KrishaWeb extended its reach globally by participating in renowned conferences such as GITEX, WordCamps, MeetMagento, Laracon, and INBOUND across the globe. This event has helped us connect with some like-minded individuals while staying at the forefront of industry trends and innovations.

It’s the Business Recognition: Helps us Keep Going!

Year-on-Year Recognitions

We have received several year-on-year recognitions from reputable platforms such as This consistent recognition and accolades keep us going and bring out the best in our clients and audience as a whole. Check some of them below…

awards and recognitions

Global Client Base

With over 1000 satisfied clients and 1950+ completed projects, KrishaWeb has built a robust global client base in over 42+ countries. On top of it, we have tied with 24+ B2B partners as well.

Plugins, Themes & Whatnot

Over 15 years, we’ve created some stunning products – which include some amazing plugins, and themes & for some well-known platforms such as WordPress, Drupal, Laravel, and more.

Giving back to the communities

Talking about communities, communities of WordPress, Laravel, and Drupal have been super helpful to us. We have lost count of how often we have encountered a problem and the community has our back. But, it’s not just taking; we’ve also given back. We’ve contributed to these communities as a way of saying thanks.

The additions that we (absolutely) Love!

Acquisition of Pixel Perfect HTML

KrishaWeb has successfully acquired Pixel Perfect HTML, a renowned design-to-code company known for its expertise in transforming innovative designs into responsive and appealing websites. This move helps us enhance our design prowess to provide pixel-perfect solutions to our clients.

Introduced Video Production Services

As part of diversifying our services and catering to a diverse audience, we have launched KrishaStudio, aimed at offering stunning video production services to businesses willing to represent them with some jaw-dropping media.

Launched the CSR program

This is one of the initiatives we have added. And, we are so glad that we did. Giving back to the community and making a positive impact is what we crave. Due to this, we have started our own CSR program which includes activities like (Add some of the activities you are generally doing for your CSR program).

Little Steps For Our Team: They Make us Who we are!

Learning Drive with Mission Upskill

We at KrishaWeb believe that learning & growth go hand-in-hand. Due to this, we have invested in continuous learning and development through our team with the “Mission Upskill” to ensure that our team stays updated with the latest technologies and industry best practices.

Bonding at work & beyond

At KrishaWeb, we believe in adding some extra fun to work life! Not only have we tackled business trips together, but we’ve also planned and successfully executed a lot of annual trips to cool places like (add the places). It’s not just about the destination; it’s about the laughs, bonding, and creating awesome memories as a team.

Celebrations (are part of) our company

Our yearly celebrations are a blast – a time to appreciate each other, share some high-fives, and enjoy being part of an awesome team. Plus, we spice things up with Food Festivals, organize Sports activities for some friendly competition, and not forget our festival celebrations that bring festive cheers and good times.

Talking about celebrations: Here’s what the 2023 end holds for us!

Ending 2023 with double celebrations because why not? Double the joy, double the celebrations! We organized an unforgettable trip to Udaipur, ensuring it had everything our team deserved! The setting was magical – a cosy stay with beautiful views, an escape from laptops and client calls. Here are a few joyous glimpses of the trip – 2023 Annual Trip: Udaipur

The itinerary was carefully curated for the perfect blend of fun, bonding, and relaxation. From organized sightseeing to soaking in the beauty of Udaipur to a lively DJ night with everyone grooving, we made sure every moment was filled with joy. And because we’re all about team spirit, we threw in some fun games and activities, turning the trip into a fantastic memory-making adventure.

But hold on, here’s more! On December 22nd, we hosted our Awards Night at the fabulous Cherries Restaurant in Ahmedabad. It was an evening dedicated to recognizing and celebrating all the hard work and achievements of 2023.

15th award ceremony

A (Beautiful) Wrap!

As we say goodbye to 2023, we’re taking a moment to reflect on the awesome 15 years we’ve spent at KrishaWeb. It’s been a ride full of growth, challenges, success, and beyond!

We’ve been diving into new tech adventures, like acquiring Pixel Perfect HTML and starting KrishaStudio for video production. Plus, we’ve added the skills, and technology, followed by developing some useful plugins, themes, and products for WordPress, Drupal, and other platforms.

Our team, the driving force behind KrishaWeb has been rocking it! We’ve had fun trips, and cool celebrations, and ensured everyone keeps growing and learning.

And hey, we wrapped up the year with a bang! A trip to Udaipur was like a mini vacation for our team – no work calls, just good times. Then, we celebrated our wins at Cherries Restaurant, cheering for everyone’s hard work.

Now, as we step into the next chapter, we’re more pumped than ever for new adventures and amazing milestones. Big thanks to our amazing team, clients, and everyone who’s been part of the KrishaWeb journey. Here’s to more adventures, milestones, and making the next 15 years at KrishaWeb even more extraordinary!

Neeta Solanki
Project Manager

A Digital Marketing Project Manager and Lead, excels as a strategist and Digital Marketing expert. With a focus on driving digital initiatives, Delivers targeted results and effective marketing solutions.


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