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  • Low Code VS. Traditional Web Development: Which is Best for You?

    Tuesday, Jan 17, 2023 / Web Development / KrishaWeb
    With the ever-increasing demand for website and app development, people are switching to the Low Code Web Development approach. Just like its name, this kind of web development involves writing very less code and building apps with drag-and-drop features. The revenue earned by the low code market was $7.61 billion in 2021 and is expected
  • Enterprise WordPress Development: Tips to Create Stellar Enterprise Websites

    Thursday, Jan 12, 2023 / WordPress / KrishaWeb
    What does an “Enterprise” Term Mean? Enterprises are large-scale organizations and companies that normally face huge volumes of traffic on their website and are multinational in their work format. Due to their wide scope of business, these companies need a strong web presence. Their websites are expected to be scalable, reliable, futuristic, quick loading, secure
  • The Ultimate Guide to Choose Best Technology Stack for Your Website Development

    Tuesday, Jan 10, 2023 / Web Development / KrishaWeb
    Before starting the development of any website or web app, the project manager along with the Tech-expert team finalizes the stack of technologies (front-end & back-end) to be used in that technical project environment. So, here we discuss how to choose that technology stack for excellent web development. Let’s dive deep… Before starting, let us
  • Event Email Marketing: 5 Best Strategies to Achieve Excellence

    Monday, Jan 09, 2023 / Email Marketing / KrishaWeb
    Successful brands in every industry leverage events to connect with their target audience, educate them about their unique selling proposition, and build brand awareness. The pandemic has brought a shift towards online events. Now that the social distancing measures are relaxed, though, companies tend to use the hybrid model, hosting both virtual and on-site events.
  • Geofencing Marketing – A Complete Guide to Get Started

    Friday, Jan 06, 2023 / Inbound Marketing / KrishaWeb
    The idea of projecting your business, service and products in a geographical location that is directly reachable by the customer, is a flabbergasting one. It is like offering a lucrative product at a discounted price, especially when the potential customer is in the vicinity. For example, a parent looking for a toy for a kid
  • Top Web Development Frameworks to Use in 2023

    Thursday, Jan 05, 2023 / Web Development / KrishaWeb
    Websites are the virtual face of any organization, startup or reputed company. And these websites/applications create an impact on the web and establish a company’s ‘web presence’ in the market. A solid web presence attracts global customers to your site and creates more avenues for business. The goal of modern-day companies is to build technically
  • An Actionable Guide to WordPress VIP Migration

    Friday, Dec 30, 2022 / WordPress / KrishaWeb
    As we all know, it is an enormous task to migrate an enterprise application to a different platform, and often it is prone to errors. Today, we will go through the details of migration to WordPress VIP, its complete checklist, and things to consider post-migration. This process is tedious but certainly gives excellent results post-migration.
  • What is WordPress VIP? [Features, Pricing and Examples]

    Thursday, Dec 29, 2022 / WordPress / KrishaWeb
    What do you get in your mind when you hear about WordPress VIP? How does it matter to your businesses if you have your business website on WordPress? Well, let’s keep things simple to understand, a bit of knowledge about hosting platforms will help you build better websites. Right? It’s a known fact that websites
  • Ecommerce Personalization: Hacks to Skyrocket Your Ecommerce Sales

    Tuesday, Dec 27, 2022 / Ecommerce solutions / KrishaWeb
    Ecommerce personalization is a primary necessity for online sellers who want to make it big in the virtual shopping market. Creating a good-looking, feature-rich eCommerce site is not enough to generate humongous sales. The site needs to offer unique, individualistic experiences to its customers. In fact, it needs to start from scratch and optimize a
  • Top Predicted Web Development Trends 2023 and Beyond

    Monday, Dec 26, 2022 / Web Development / KrishaWeb
    The technology landscape is evolving with every passing year and so, does web development methods. The greed to create astonishing websites and user-centric applications push technical evolution to higher scales. With New Year knocking on the door, let us check out some web development trends 2023. These are expert predictions that should be taken as

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