15 Best Therapist Website Designs in 2024

Best Therapist Website Designs

Creating a well-designed website is the game changer required to take your therapy business to the next level. Whether you are a registered psychotherapist, mental health professional, or counsellor, you require a visually appealing therapist website design that allows you to explain your services, who you are, why you are the best, and how people can benefit from working with you.

Numerous therapist websites designed on the internet provide a variety of therapeutic services. However, while some have a continuous stream of visitors, others fail to achieve any success. What’s the difference?

The difference is in presentation. You must display information in an engaging manner that encourages people to stay and guides them in the right direction to take action. This post examines the top 15 therapist website examples. After looking over the websites of over a hundred therapists, we have personally selected the best ones.

So dig in and create the best one for your company.

8 Key Considerations to Create a Great Therapist Website

1. Identify Your Ideal Client

Before you can build a website, you must first determine who your target client is. It all comes down to tailoring your layout, information, and user experience to your intended audience.

Are you a kid therapist or do you focus on treating anxiety in adults? Perhaps you are an expert in relationship therapy. Decide who your services are intended for, then design your website with that audience in mind.

2. Make your website navigation simpler

A well-organized menu is an essential component of every successful website. Keep your menu structure simple. Reduce the number of main menu items and instead use dropdowns or submenus to display additional subcategories. Make sure all important pages are always prominently displayed, and position any call to action (CTAs) and other elements so that they point visitors in the right direction.

3. Pick up the right fonts & colors 

The colors and fonts you use on your website are important in communicating your brand and influencing how visitors view your offerings. Choose a color scheme that expresses the peaceful and professional quality of your practice while also matching your branding colors. The fonts should be simple to read and consistent throughout the pages.

4. Make sure to incorporate the customized content

As a therapist, you are clinically trained, but jargon can be difficult for general readers to understand. So, make sure your website’s content is simple to grasp, conveys warmth to your audience, and creates trust. Additionally, ensure that the majority of the content you write is concentrated on your intended audience. Try to integrate the essential keywords that your ideal client may Google that will improve your visibility and conversions.

5. Presenting your credentials and certifications

Trust is essential in therapy, and displaying your abilities, competence, and qualifications can assist build that trust. Your website can feature a section devoted to your professional credentials, such as your degree, certificates, and any particular training. Make sure to explain any acronyms or technical phrases that the general audience may not understand.

6. Using Customer References and Evaluations

Testimonials and reviews can be an excellent approach to show your success as a therapist and gain the trust of prospective clients. If you have satisfied customers, you should include their recommendations on your website (as long as you get their consent). Use only the information that clients feel comfortable sharing publicly, and be careful you respect their right to privacy and confidentiality.

7. Blog & Resources Section

A blog or resources section is another important section that you should add in your website. It helps therapists to share valuable insights and information related to mental health, therapy, their client experiences, approaches, and other things. Also, don’t forget to regularly update your resources section with new blogs, tips, techniques, etc., showcasing your expertise and providing additional value to visitors.

8. Contact Information 

On your therapy website, it’s essential to showcase your contact information in an easy and accessible manner. It should everything, right from an email address, phone number, and office address if applicable, on your website. Also, include a contact form, allowing visitors to reach out directly from the website. This streamlined communication process makes it convenient for potential clients to connect with you.  

15 Best Therapy Websites that You Should Know in 2024

1. Myla Therapy

Myla Therapy

Myla Therapy has designed an amazing website for their business and has all the right things that build authenticity and appeal to users to take action. 

They have designed the homepage to guide visitors and see only three things and not get confused: 

  • An image of the therapist to create a personal attraction,
  • Site headers with navigation buttons to make it easy and quick for users to explore the website and find the information they need. 
  • A call to action button integrated within the brand messaging.

The website is purposefully made to walk users through getting to know the therapist, the business’s philosophy, the advantages of therapy for individuals, reputable businesses they have worked with, the team that works behind the scenes, etc.

The text uses an excellent combination of fonts to emphasize crucial information. Its white background draws attention to the images and enhances their visibility with elegantly created columns and symbols.

2. Child & Family Therapy Collective 

Child & Family Therapy Collective 

This therapy collective offers behavior-based therapy to children, adolescents, and families in Mississippi and Tennessee.

This website is both aesthetically beautiful and easy to use, thanks to its sophisticated design and simple layout. The therapist’s primary characterization conveys warmth and accessibility, which is essential for a service that targets families and children.

The site’s navigation is pretty simple, and seamlessly guides visitors in the right direction -which in turn leads to positive user experience and higher conversions. The content on their therapy website design example focuses on a holistic approach to therapy and provides the best solutions for their targeted customers. 

  • They have provided detailed descriptions of all the therapy services they are offering to their clients. 
  • They are providing information all the required information about the team and their qualifications.
  • The layout of the website prioritizes user engagement and ease of access to information.

3. Jennifer Mancuso Urban

Jennifer Mancuso Urban

Another therapist website design example that we love is one from a New York-based Licensed Clinical Social Worker. We adore this example of a therapist website of a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in New York. 

She specializes in grieving and loss as well as women’s mental health, especially during pregnancy and the postpartum period. Jennifer uses a variety of therapeutic techniques, including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), and EMDR.

Jennifer’s website effectively integrates simple design elements with high-quality functionality. Its serene, lovely peach-toned background and delicate textural details add even more friendliness and warmth, making it an appropriate pick for a website that offers therapy services specifically for women.

It includes clear icons to display online payments, insurance acceptance, and telehealth appointments, accentuating convenience for users. The information is concise and to the point, highlighting Jennifer’s experience and offering insight into her area of specialty. This helps you establish credibility and trust among your target audience.

4. Mary Diroio

Mary Diroio

Mary Diroio works as a therapist in Portland, Oregon, and New York, where she treats patients for depression, anxiety, relationship problems, and eating disorders. She helps customers in breaking negative cycles and moving forward with their lives.

The soothing color scheme of Mary Diorio’s website, which features pastel and gentle blue tones, is beautifully integrated into the design to instantly create a serene ambiance.

In terms of functionality, the website leads users through Mary’s specialties with ease; each is prominently displayed with separate sections and “Learn More” buttons for in-depth exploration.

In terms of aesthetics, the combination of Mary’s images with illustrative ones highlights her areas of competence and builds trust. The content on the website is also good and appealing; which guarantees visitors end-to-end support in a soothing and professional tone, all the while invoking empathy and understanding. 

5. Rachel Rudman 

Rachel Rudman 

Rachel Rudman is a pediatric occupational therapist with experience in helping kids with a range of issues.

Rachel Rudman understands how to play with details to create an appealing online presence for her treatment services. Her website, which has a seashell-colored background, has several features for its intended audience, young adults.

The vibrant hand logo that acts as a Ferrari Red cursor is the first distinctive element of this therapist’s website. A palm-shaped emblem that grows larger as you navigate the website creates a dynamic look and appeals to the users. The colorful text message in the hero section piques readers’ attention right away. 

So, all in all – this website is quite fun and engaging because they are targeting kids. And, it is a very smart move, as it helps them stand out from the crowd and attract their target audience. 

6. Leanne M Perez

Leanne M Perez

The website of Leanne M. Perez radiates simplicity and peacefulness. Even with its straightforward layout and lack of flashy features, the website successfully gives users the warmth, compassion, and hope they are looking for.

It contains concise and accessible material, with Leanne addressing typical issues that her potential clients confront. She conveys the therapy’s obvious value proposition without using a lot of words or images. Rather, Leanne’s rapport with visitors is evident as she effortlessly conveys her personal story and history.

She can assist her customers in resolving their issues since she concentrates on the fundamentals of growth and healing. Additionally, the lively colors, the background of the website, and the clear CTA encourage visitors to stay around and take action. 

7. Shifting Tides Therapeutic Solutions 

Shifting Tides Therapeutic Solutions 

Shifting Tides Therapeutic Solutions delivers in-person and online treatment to millennial women in Charleston, SC, and throughout South Carolina.

She created a fantastic website for her company, and it stands out for all the right reasons. The website instantly connected with its target audience since it specifically targets irritable, perfectionist, high-achieving millennial women.

This website stands out because of its genuine and approachable content, which establishes an immediate connection with users who might be familiar with the challenges mentioned. In addition, Kailee’s use of humor, informal, authentic tone, and personal details makes the website feel friendly and specifically tailored to her millennial clientele.

Furthermore, the website openly outlines Kailee’s approach and principles, building trust with potential clients. A great addition of personality and charm to Kailee’s website is her blog. Kailee’s tone is genuine and engaging, her message resonates, and she seamlessly balances humor, empathy, and presence.

8. State Of Mind by Greta Aronson

State Of Mind by Greta Aronson

Greta provides counseling and psychotherapy for women in Blue Springs. 

The State of Living therapy website has a simple layout that eliminates overloading users with information all at once. But there are a ton of other pages on her website that educate and direct users to take action.

Additionally, they have created a fantastic Philosophy section that rapidly converts visitors into customers. This treatment website design is a wonderful example of pastel beauty. It’s clean, modern, and simply beautiful. The usage of vacant space allows you to breathe and makes the information feel more ordered.

What stands out in this website, is her approach with naming the pricing part. She named that page as investment, which states that – this is an investment in yourself instead of an expense. That’s quite throatful and unique. This website also has a stunning photo with the remark, “There is no better time to invest in yourself than now.” She has significantly transformed the look of the FEES page!  

9. Millennial Life Counselling 

Millennial Life Counselling 

Millennial Life Counseling provides therapeutic services to millennial people, couples, and parents in Dallas, Texas. This website is the only one that truly gets millennials. Her website offers a novel perspective on therapy and speaks your language when it comes to hashtags and FOMO. Additionally, she gave priority to mobile optimization, which makes sense considering the substantial amount of her targeted audience who will browse her website using mobile.

Authenticity is essential here, and Liz brings her journey to the table. Don’t miss the high-quality, passionate video on the front page, where Liz and her staff discuss their thoughts on therapy while taking you on a virtual tour of their pleasant office environment.

Additionally, all the information regarding the services—including the therapy process—is readily and simply accessible on the Services webpage.  

10. Courtney Witt

Courtney Witt

Next up on the list of best therapy website designs list we have is Courtney Witt’s counseling website. She focuses on providing the best-in-class motion-focused therapy to individuals and couples alike. She has designed a very clean, minimal, and focused website design with clear menu buttons, CTA, logo, and even her big picture. 

The home page of Courtney Witt’s website features a range of subdued colors, including Dawn Pink, Milk Chocolate, and Pale Slate. Her modern and subtle color scheme sets the professional tone of the website.

All the elements on the website blend seamlessly with the background color of the therapy website design. She has also added all the services, detailed about us section, and resources section to educate users about her services and why she is best to ensure the maximum conversions. 

11. Therapy With Joy 

Therapy With Joy 

Therapy With Joy’s website stands out with its distinctive dark layout, captivating users from the moment they land on the homepage. Through well-crafted copy, it’s evident that they have a clear understanding of their identity and target audience, allowing their brand personality to shine through effortlessly. The strategic use of strong imagery effectively draws visitors in and encourages exploration throughout the site.

What sets Therapy With Joy apart is its minimalistic and concise content approach, which delivers information succinctly without overwhelming visitors. Clear calls-to-action (CTAs) guide users seamlessly through the site, enhancing navigation and facilitating engagement. 

Overall, the website focuses on effective design principles by combining aesthetics with user-friendly functionality to create a compelling online experience for individuals seeking therapy services.

12. Waves to Wellness Counselling 

Waves to Wellness Counselling 

This therapy website in North Carolina is here to help women, teenagers, and kids deal with tough feelings and find their confidence and happiness again. When you visit the site, you’ll notice it looks modern and clean, with calming colors like neutral tones mixed with a touch of gold.      

On top of it, to make it visually appealing, they have added personal photos to make it feel friendly and real. And they’ve made it easy for you to find what you need like the button to ask questions or book an appointment. Everything is right in front of the users so you can navigate without any trouble.          

And when you read the words on the site, they’re kind and understanding, showing they’re here to support you every step of the way. This website isn’t just a place to visit online; it’s quite comforting, reminding you that you’re not alone on your journey to feeling better.  

13. Cristeta Rillera, LMFT

Cristeta Rillera, LMFT

Cristeta, a famous relational and trauma therapist based in California, specializes in guiding individuals through fear using evidence-based therapy techniques. Her website showcases beautiful aesthetics, blending deep blues and sea-greens colors, bringing much-needed warmth to the website. It also has stunning imagery of oceans and landscapes, evoking feelings of depth, reflection, and progress.

It’s easy to find what you’re looking for, like her specialties and blog. And if you want to talk to her, there’s a big button that says “Schedule Free Consultation” which makes it easier for visitors to reach out to you. 

The words on Cristeta’s site are friendly and encouraging. For example, she says, “A safe space to heal and grow on your terms.” It’s very supportive and calms you, and will make you feel that you have got this and can take things at your own pace. This makes this therapist’s website design stand out from the crowd and appeals to them to click the CTA button. 

14. Minaa.B 


She is an expert therapist with experience in corporate wellness. To entice her visitors and guide them about her services, she has developed a beautiful website to cater to her target audience seeking online therapy services. 

When visitors first land on the website, they will see a cut-out image of Minaa B, setting an inviting tone and building a sense of trust and authenticity. 

Also, the choice of font throughout the website is striking, reflecting a blend of professionalism and creativity that elevates the overall aesthetic appeal of this therapy website design. Notably, Minaa B’s selection of the soft color in the background further enhances the site’s sophisticated and calming visual appeal. 

On top of it, she has displayed all the important pages in the menu pages that instantly catch users’ attention and compel them to browse pages and get to know more about her and the services. 

15. Wholeness Collective Therapy Group 

Wholeness Collective Therapy Group 

The Wholeness Collective Therapy Group is an expert in offering holistic psychotherapy and EMDR therapy. With a special fusion of conventional psychotherapy, mindfulness, and body-based therapies, they specialize in treating trauma, depression, anxiety, and relationship difficulties.

Wholeness Collective Therapy Group is a prime instance of an innovative and innovative therapist website design with a calming design and color palette. 

The contact form on the home page allows you to get in touch right away without going to another page, and the floating header saves you from having to scroll back to the top. 

This stunning therapeutic website design emphasizes the comprehensive approach to mental wellness for the clients. It fosters a sense of community and encouragement while also providing visitors with comprehensive, useful information and articles. 

To Conclude

In conclusion, we’ve provided the ultimate guide to designing an amazing therapy website. From essential elements like clear navigation and compelling About Me sections to engaging blogs and resources, we’ve covered everything you need to create a standout online presence. 

Additionally, we’ve curated a list of 15 best therapy website designs to inspire and guide you towards creating your unique website. If you’re seeking assistance in bringing your vision to life, look no further than KrishaWeb. Our team of experts is here to help you design and develop a stunning website that effectively communicates your services and connects with your target audience. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our web design experts – we’re ready to make your therapy website dreams a reality!


1. Should I add blogs on my professional therapy website?

A therapist can have a blog. It’s a powerful means of conveying insightful information, therapeutic methods, mental health advice, and practice updates. A blog can help you establish yourself as an expert in your subject and attract potential clients by demonstrating your knowledge.

2. Is a website necessary for therapists?

Yes, it is advantageous to have a website as a therapist. It provides you with a polished web presence where prospective customers may find out more about your offerings. In addition, a website can offer helpful links, contact details, and an easy way to schedule appointments. It’s an essential device for promoting your business and building authority within your industry.

3. Which Website Builders for Therapy Are the Best?

When it comes to creating a website for your therapist, there is no shortage of website builders to pick from. Squarespace and WordPress are two of the greatest website builders for creating a stunning therapy website design. It provides a large collection of therapy-related templates, plugins, simple development tools, and useful features.

4. How to optimize my website for SEO?

To optimize your therapy website for search engines, you need to include relevant keywords, optimize meta tags and descriptions, create high-quality content, and build backlinks from reputable sources. To get the best results, you should hire an SEO specialist or even partner with a Digital marketing company to improve your website visibility and ranking in search engine results.

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