Top 15 Examples of Best School Website Designs


Best School Website Designs

Best school website designs are those that can be easily understood by diverse age groups and ranks of people including students, parents, teachers, non-academic staff, board members, and higher authorities. Although it seems simple to create a website for a school, it takes a considerable amount of time, effort, and understanding to create an informative, dynamic, and enriching website. More so, after the pandemic times, which changed the methods of teaching to an online podium. A website should consider all these aspects and designs to be futuristic and scalable enough to be functional in any unwelcome situations like what we faced in the past few years.

In addition, it should represent the brand of the school in every sense possible. The new academic world connects with parents through social media platforms as well. The best school website designs must incorporate easy-to-locate social media icons, which can help visitors switch to social media pages with a click. An inspirational academic website should convey everything including the admission procedure, school activities, events, meetings, blog, etc.  All these elements should be clearly defined in pre website development stages.

Therefore, we present some of the best school website design ideas to create an all-encompassing academic site.

Top 15 Examples of School Websites

New Orleans Charter Science and Mathematics High School


The best part about the website is its clear and concise design, which brings full focus to the brand of the school. With distinct fonts, color combinations, easy-to-scroll and understand content, rightly placed social media icons, a student-friendly approach, and comprehensive design, the site easily ranks as a top informative website for schools. With a forefront mission statement, the site showcases its focus on nurturing science and mathematics students to make them evolve as geniuses. Overall, the bespoke design conveys everything that the school wants in a gracious manner.

Bronx Charter School for Children

The Bronx Charter School

The speciality of the Bronx charter school website is that it’s interactive in nature. It aims at connecting the students with communities and creating an environment of belongingness. The home page serves as a gateway to several happenings like enrolment, teaching, support, and community engagement. The design is clear, and upfront, communicating and connecting the students to the outside world and vice versa. The uncomplicated approach to website design makes the site crisp, connecting, and a melting point for all departments and activities of the school. That’s why it tops the charts of best schools’ website design!

Times 2 STEM Academy


The first thing that reaches the eyes is the startling color palette of the website. The school teaches Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) to kids starting from Kindergarten to class twelve in Rhode Island. It has an interactive design with clear Call-To-Action buttons for ‘Donate’ and ‘Apply’. It highlights its achievements on the homepage to create a firsthand impression on the visitor. Parents can easily scroll through daily news stories and student activities. The mouse-over effect and page animations create an engaging site. The highlights are proper branding, a clear message, easy navigation, and eye-pleasing design.

Round Rock Independent School District

Round Rock ISD

Located in Texas, the school website acts as a bridge between the students and the academic world. It focuses on keeping students updated with the latest in the school and other trending topics. With a student-friendly design, the site engages its visitors with news stories and quick links to popular content and school events. It’s a large website with expanded drop-down menus to keep the content organized. It is a WordPress site which makes it suitable for instant updates of news stories and ensures expansion without any hassles. With well-defined site layouts and many third-party plugins, the site serves as a single-stop destination for academic events.

Park University

Park University

Made in WordPress, the website of Park University has a clear-cut design with ease of navigation. The banner image and text emphasize the fact that it’s around a 150-year-old university that offers undergrad and graduates degrees. The video banner showcases the best aspects of the university campus. It attracts people in the first shot. It engages the visitor with a clear chat button, which instantly assures communication. Campus map, quick sign-up form, social media feeds, and the whole theme, creates an impressive website.

George Washington Academy

George Washington Academy

This is a charter school located in Utah. The website design has a lot of visual elements that rightly suit the age group of its students, which stretch from kindergarten to 7th grade. The best part is the web accessibility feature, which allows the visitor to change the font sizes for an easier read. They can convert content color to black and white and improves readability for visually impaired visitors. Navigating through the site is smooth with separate sections for students, parents, and teachers. All the necessary elements like blogs, event pages, and student-related topics are included on the site. It is simple, comprehensive, and easy to browse!

Ross School

Ross School

It is a boarding school based in East Hampton, New York. With an approach to world cultural history, the school promises a progressive environment and interdisciplinary setup. The website design is clean with bright colors and attractive imagery. The homepage shows an aerial view of the campus and the Facebook button. This helps people to gauge the actual ambience and check more things through social media. The site mentions details about the use of funds that encourages people to donate. Wonderfully designed, this one is surely attractive and informative. Built with Squarespace, which is famous for stunning visual layouts, this one is a perfect example of the best school website design!

The New School

The New School

The website represents the number one art and design school in the United States. A layout that focuses on white space and layers it with black and red typography, the design has an artistic element to it. With two layered top menus, the site gives quick links to every area that needs the attention of the visitor. It has a certain style and offers a neat look. With catchy banner content, the homepage easily grabs attention. With a certain charisma, the site design truly represents a world-renowned design school.

Ocean School


The website is stunning and foretells how a school should give depth of education. With an ocean theme in the design, banner, and buttons, it creates an attractive user interface. Neat to the core with quick links to their activities through the ‘Our Adventures’ and ‘Education Space’ buttons, the site is uncomplicated. An instant ‘Sign In’ button helps the visitor to connect with the school. Most importantly, the visual elements build an aura of innovation, thoughtfulness, and environmental awareness, which are the foundation for students. The commendable part is that the website design tells a story on its own. Truly encapsulating!

World Schools

World Schools

World Schools is a directory for international schools with content in seven languages. The banner gives an exclusive search space to find out the best international schools across 100+ countries. All you need to do is enter keywords like region, country, or any special category and search. This helps visitors to find the best international schools in the area or place they are searching for. The site engages the visitor with images, videos, sliders, and typography. The homepage has all the essential web elements and information details. A versatile website that helps visitors to search for schools even in other countries.

Little Sprouts

Little Sprouts

A desktop and mobile-friendly website designed for a childcare center, this one gives a warm feeling at the first glance. With a nicely carved logo that represents the nurturing quality for little ones, the design is very welcoming. Precisely defined top menu with only essential information, it is a clutter-free website. The school environment is shown with lots of images. Basically, the site has a well-defined structure, the right information, and a user-friendly design.


Private Girls School

The website represents a 133-year-old school in Wahroonga, Australia. It encourages girl students to join their day and boarding school. With a highlight logo in yellow, a hamburger menu, and top navigation, the site has a well-defined structure. The search box in the top corner allows ease of location of web pages. The top left corner has embedded social media buttons on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Concise yet artistically designed to keep things organized and elegant, this website design is accurate for a girls’ school, especially one that has a heritage story.

Pipster Prep

Pipster Prep - A Portland Preschool

A very catchy design with cute animation elements and a blackboard-style banner. A combination of blue and white, this site is for preschool students. It aims at nurturing skills in young kids and the site rightly represents all these elements. With clear Call-To-Action links to the phone number and email, the site looks delightful and stunning. A clearly defined top menu with a scheduled tour menu prompts the visitor to dive deeper into it and check the whole school. It mentions their testimonials, tuitions, rates, and quotations. Overall, a charming website that embodies the preschool setup and is equally educational.

Little Dolphins

Little Dolphins by the SEA

It is a preschool with a multicultural setup. It aims at offering practical projects and enrichment programs. The website design is very appealing with colorful images and a creative logo. With content that highlights its multicultural environment, the website truly expresses a global teaching philosophy. Responsive in design, the site has nicely laid out navigation menus, action buttons, a search box, and other elements placed in the right areas. The footer has links to social media accounts to connect visitors.

Trinity Grammar School

Trinity Grammar School

The Trinity grammar school aims to educate boys for overall development in body, mind, and spirit. An innovatively designed logo represents a fully-fledged academy. The top menus with detailed dropdowns help to get all information. When you scroll down, the content is finely placed with images and short descriptions. A ‘BOOK YOUR TOUR’ button also gives a chance to check the school. With an emphasis on green and white colors, the website looks appealing to the core. Very attractive, the site impresses the visitor on the first go.

Conclusion – The parting words!

These are some of the best school website designs examples to check and refer to. Schools and website developers can use them to research and take inputs. Whether it’s the design, navigation menu, search functionality, blog pages, or other highlights, pointers from any or all of them, can be incorporated into your website. Pick and choose as per your requirements and create a fantastic website.

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