Top 10 Best News Websites Built with WordPress [Must Refer in 2024]

Best News Websites built with WordPress

The World has started shifting from reading news in Print to reading news online. With it most of the popular media houses have also adopted the online medium and have started making their news websites online. One of the popular software among publishing houses is WordPress.  

WordPress has risen to be the most popular platform for creating dynamic and visually pleasing websites. It is very versatile and highly accessible, making it attractive to industries from all kinds of sectors such as news media. On the other hand, not all WordPress news sites are equal. Some are incredibly good in terms of design, user experience, and quality of content while the rest do not meet the mark. So if you are looking for reliable software to build your news website, then knowing about the leading WordPress news websites is very important.

In this article, we will review the 10 most successful news websites that have mastered profiting out of WordPress’s features and functions. From the way they dress to what information is driving their content, these websites are now used as a model for media news.

Best News Websites in WordPress

Below are some of the perfect choices for the best News websites in WordPress.

1. Tech Crunch

Tech Crunch

One of the most frequently visited news sites is Tech Crunch, which covers current stories and events in technology. There are extended interviews, articles, and analyses of recent trends in gadgets and tech equipment as well as information about order startups are published on TechCrunch. The layout design of their site is clean and user-friendly too. WordPress powers Tech Crunch and provides a pleasant reading atmosphere for tech junkies.

2. Meta


Meta is a news site dedicated to metascience, philosophy, and similar subjects. It spans many fields, from cognitive science and artificial intelligence to consciousness research. Meta has a sleek design and easy navigation where followers have access to thought-provoking articles, interviews, and research papers by those people interested in frontiers of knowledge.

3. Reader’s Digest

Reader's Digest

Another reputed publication, Reader’s Digest, has also used WordPress to reach its news and articles readers. Reader’s Digest is a publication known for its curated content and articles on health, lifestyle, finance, and entertainment. Reader’s Digest presents a clean and orderly design that allows readers to locate articles of particular interest easily.

4. The New York Times

The New York Times

Among the world’s most renowned newspapers, The New York Times has a WordPress website that brings first-class news reporting. The New York Times encompasses a wide array of topics, from breaking news to investigative journalism in politics, business, and technology. The New York Times is a newspaper that, with its in-depth reporting, offers readers an insightful look at the stories behind our world.

5. The Harvard Gazette

The Harvard Gazette

Harvard Gazette is the official news source of Harvard. It is run by WordPress and provides articles, interviews, and research news on various subjects such as education, science, arts, and culture. As a clean and professional-looking periodical, The Harvard Gazette is an excellent source of information on the latest news from one of the leading educational establishments globally.

6. Microsoft News

Microsoft News

Microsoft News is a widely-used news site that provides global headlines. It spans various fields such as politics, business, technology, entertainment, and other subjects. The website is based on WordPress, and it offers readers an easy-to-browse interface as they move through different articles.

7. Wired


Wired is a popular technology and science news site that features the latest stories and trends. It is built upon the WordPress platform, which gives its readers a fresh and contemporary layout. The website provides detailed articles, interviews, and reviews on many issues concerning technology, innovation, and culture.

8. Spotify Newsroom

Spotify Newsroom

Spotify Newsroom is the official news portal of the popular music streaming service Spotify. It is a website developed using WordPress where users can find out about the latest news, updates, and announcements about that company. Spotify Newsroom covers everything that music lovers need to know, from new feature releases to artist collaborations.

9. CNN Press Room

CNN Press Room

The official source of news and information about CNN is the CNN Press Room. It offers the latest press releases, photos, and videos to journalists, bloggers, etc, across media. The website was designed on the WordPress platform, so the users can find…

10. Time


Time is a popular news magazine that reports on politics, business, culture, and technology, among other topics. The website is designed using WordPress, and it is quite clean-looking as well as visually appealing. Time offers in-depth articles and features, photo essays, and videos to update readers.

Final Thoughts

These top news websites in WordPress demonstrate the flexibility and strength of the platform as it focuses on presenting quality content to readers. Ranging from technology to meta-science, these sites provide readers with the latest news on different topics. As a tech enthusiast or someone who loves philosophy and news, these websites bring all the information on one page in an easy-to-understand format. So, the next time you’re looking to stay informed or dive into a specific topic, check out these top news websites in WordPress for a fulfilling reading experience.

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