10 Best Recruitment Websites for Design Inspirations

Best Recruitment Websites

Websites are usually the first face that meets a candidate showing off your company’s culture, values, and jobs. A good-looking recruitment website will set you up in advance of your competitors to attract the best people there could be for your organization.

However, not all recruitment sites are up to the mark. Some are out of date, outmoded, cumbersome, and unable to pique the interest of potential employees. An effective website not only has to be attractive but should also be easy to use, as it may determine how many highly skilled job seekers go through your recruitment process.

This article delves into the ten best recruitment website design guidelines to assist you in creating an impressive site that attracts potential candidates.

Best 9 Recruitment Website Designs

Below are the primary examples of recruitment websites that you can consider to move ahead with the right approach.

1. CloserIQ


Compared to many recruitment websites, CloserIQ has an attractive and contemporary appearance. User-centric design and ease of use make this website clean. A search bar that allows the user to type in desired positions, locations, and industries is present on the company’s home page. This website also provides information for employers as well as job seekers, such as blog articles and a hiring guide.

2. Tattersall Recruiting

Tattersall Recruiting

The web page of Tattersall Recruiting puts a premium on attractiveness and ease of use. There is a big quality photo on the homepage that immediately seizes the user’s attention. Bold text with bright colours is used to make the site look beautiful. The grid display of job listings makes scanning through available positions very easy for users to do.

3. 24 Seven

24 Seven

24 Seven is a site of recruitment that masters an easy-to-use flow for a user. It is designed simply with a clean interface that enables users to move around easily. The front page features some of their best-offered jobs, together with a field in which one can type their preferred job title, chosen area, and industry, respectively. Personalized job alert feature, whereby email alerts are provided by the site on new jobs that meet specific conditions selected by the user.

4. Zensho Agency

Zensho Agency

The Zensho agency website is remarkable because it has a stunning, innovative, and original layout. It has a contemporary feel and looks and is vibrant in colour with drawings, illustrations, and animations. Featured jobs are visible in a beautiful rotating format on the homepage. It also enables hassle-free job applications, where one can directly upload their resume and a cover letter.

5. Betts Recruiting

Betts Recruiting

Betts Recruitment has been designed as a recruitment internet site focusing on crafting an individualized and vibrant user atmosphere. Its simple yet elegant design is dedicated to showing what the company stands for. On the home page, the company offers references from happy customers and job seekers, indicating that they were able to place top talents with leading corporations. In this respect, there is a blog section that provides insightful articles about career advancement and job-hunting guidelines.

6. Candidate Labs

Candidate Labs

Candidate Labs‘ elegant appeal stands out as an impeccable recruitment website. A good example of this is the website, which has a user-friendly layout and is attractive to visitors’ eyes. Candidate labs have many features that benefit both the job seeker and the employer, such as posting jobs, uploading resumes, and screening candidates.

7. JDM Talent

JDM Talent

JDM Talent provides a recruiting site for the technology sector. The site uses a neat and simple theme that is relevant to the intended consumers. Tech-related jobs are available on JDM Talent, which includes career guidance as well as industry tips.

8. Marble Recruitment

Marble Recruitment

Marble Recruitment is a recruitment website that caters to the construction and engineering industry. The website offers a clean and modern design that aligns with its target audience. Marble Recruitment provides job postings in the construction and engineering sectors and offers additional resources like industry news and career insights.

9. Morgan Hunt

Morgan Hunt

Morgan Hunt is an internet recruitment company that caters for different sectors such as healthcare, education, and non-profit companies. The design ensures a professional look with ease for any prospective hire. It posts jobs across various industry sectors while also offering career guides and salary surveys.

Wrapping Up

These companies have been innovative in their designs when it comes to recruitment website design. They possess the skills required to design your organization’s website. It could be on creating a sleek modern look or a simple, minimalistic outlook that attracts the best calibre of talent and ease in the application processing procedure. Make sure you have specific requirements in terms of what kind of company will suit well with the look of your recruitment website. If appropriately designed, your employer branding strategy will help you find the top talents for your organization.

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