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Gharpedia assist people to build, own, rent, buy, sell, repair and maintain their dream homes by providing practical solution in form of article to all problems pertaining to houses right from concept to completion and beyond, including operations & maintenance in an easily understandable language. They feature and promote location-based home service professionals ensuring that users have access to top-tier vendors. It is worth noting that the website has huge viewership, indicating its usefulness to the wider public.

Services Performed

  • Back-end development
  • Front End Development
  • Integrated headless CMS architecture with GraphQL
  • Payment Gateway Integration (PayU Money)
Gharpedia case studies


It was quite a daunting task for us to meet the client’s challenge regarding migration and revamping of the website which had huge content and daily traffic. Our objective was to enhance its page loading speed and user experience. Additionally, it had bilingual blogs and a huge amount of marketplace-like data for example, “a huge database of home designers, professionals and location-wise vendors, which we had to preserve without any loss.”

Many WordPress plugins were not useful to us, as the client had proposed decoupled architecture for better user experience and faster page loading.


To enhance page loading speed and implement dynamic features, we recommended the client to adopt a decoupled approach for the New Gharpedia portal. Here are the steps we took:

  • Firstly, we developed its front-end part in React framework which helps webpages to load faster and bridged the WordPress back-end with the use of GraphQL API.
  • Also, provided customized solutions that simplified content editing and quickened ways to perform bulk actions and apply filters on various admin modules.
  • We migrated the content from the live site to the new site on the local server to perform QA/QC operations.
  • Furthermore, we created various new functionalities by sharing ideas with clients. Our objective was to add more and more dynamicity to the whole Gharpedia portal for every user.


So yes, after a comprehensive development process, we successfully developed a fully functional front-end part in React JS as per the design given by the client and implemented its back-end on WordPress.

Given the vast quantity of content and user flow on GharPedia, we prioritized preserving both during the website migration process. To achieve this we implemented,

  • Headless CMS concept
  • Improved webpage loading speed
  • Enhanced User Experience on the portal with in-depth UX research
  • Enriched the USPs with our unique web design sense
  • Implemented amazing new functionalities on the front-end part as well as on various admin modules for every group of users.
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