About Gamzuli

GamZuli is an exciting new platform that offers an innovative and safe way for observant Jews to meet and date. For many singles in the Jewish community, the traditional dating system can be frustrating and disempowering, leaving them feeling like they have little control over their own romantic lives. This platform provides detailed information on how to stay safe during in-person interactions with potential matches.

Services Performed

  • Admin Portal
  • Back-end development
  • Front End Development
  • Payment Gateway Integration (Stripe)
  • UI/UX Designing
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This project is completely based on a new concept and the algorithm aspect presented some challenges for us below are some of the most important key factors of the project.

1. Complex Algorithms with Randomized Selection and Time boxed Functionality – How to calculate the score of both the zulies based on their profile details, their plans and their activities and interests.

2. Compare Zuli – Admin user was unable to find a score of both the zulis and even whether zulis matched with matching or not which was difficult for the client.

3. Manage Historical data for AI – we have to keep track of all user behaviours for AI purposes, and exporting a huge user dataset is challenging for us and results in memory leaks.

4. Run and Scheduler – Algorithms run once a week in the backend and the admin is not able to run it according to his convenience.


  • We developed an algorithm so that both Zuli’s profiles will match correctly according to the specified criteria, and also short out the memory leak issue when there are lots of users and need to match all of them.
  • Compare Zuli – We have provided the feature “Compare Zuli” in the Admin Panel and the purpose of this feature is to overcome developer support work and a better understanding of score calculation. Algorithms run in the background and calculate a reverse and forward score on the basis of Zuli profiles.
  • We have provided a special feature to the admin so they can run algorithms manually and manage algorithm running time.


  • A responsive, fully functional and secure online video dating web-based platform
  • A timed and mutual match dating app with a designed approach.
  • A fully functional and user-friendly admin panel for client and CMS interface so that everything will be managed by the admin end.
  • Zuli’s behaviours and actions will be available for the admin to examine and download.
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