11 Best Educational Websites Built with WordPress

Best Educational websites built with WordPress

WordPress is used to power a wide range of websites. It includes news websites, corporate websites, e-commerce websites, and many more. Even if the ones we just discussed are the most popular, WordPress (certainly) extends beyond that. WordPress themes are available for almost anything you can think of.

One such example is educational websites. WordPress can power feature-rich, accessible educational websites. WordPress has proven its worth in a variety of applications including educational institutions, training programs, and more.

If you are still wondering and willing to find out whether WordPress is a good fit for your educational websites, then this blog is all you need.

We will be covering why WordPress is the best choice for educational websites and 11 of the best educational website examples built with WordPress.

So, buckle up & let’s get going!

Why WordPress is the Best Choice for Educational Websites?

WordPress is by far the most widely used content management system available, powering more than 43% of the internet. WordPress powers more than a third of all websites worldwide.

Everything from Time magazine to Mercedes Benz, The New York Times, Sony, and Vogue is powered by WordPress. Naturally, WordPress also works incredibly well for creating beautiful educational websites as well!

Based on an analysis of more than 48,000 university websites worldwide, 10,400 (or 21%) are reportedly powered by WordPress. This data also covers faculty sub-domains.

School websites might be overwhelming because they often contain a lot of information. Furthermore, identifying your school website’s target audience might be challenging because different search intents can lead to different visits to your page. School websites must appeal to a wide range of visitors, from parents to prospective students to educators to existing students.

Why WordPress is The Best Choice for Website Development

  • User-Friendly Interface: WordPress offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it accessible for educational institutions to easily manage and update website content without the need for extensive technical knowledge.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: WordPress is an open-source platform, meaning it is freely available for use, modification, and distribution. This open-source nature makes it a cost-effective solution for educational institutions, especially those with limited budgets.
  • Responsive and Mobile-Friendly Design: With an increasing reliance on mobile devices, educational websites need to be responsive and mobile-friendly. WordPress themes are designed to adapt seamlessly to various screen sizes, ensuring an optimal viewing experience for users.
  • Community Support and Continuous Improvement: WordPress benefits from a large and active worldwide community of developers, designers, and users. This community ensures ongoing improvements, updates, and security enhancements.

11 Best Educational Websites That Built-in WordPress

1. The Round Rock

Round Rock Independent School

Round Rock Independent School District in Texas, USA, features a large number of school websites. The district’s goal is to equip students to be productive members of society, and lifelong learners, and boldly take on the challenges of a fast-paced, competitive world. To maintain uniformity and convenience of use, each school’s website is tailored to showcase its unique identity while maintaining a comparable look across all of them.

Why this is an excellent educational website example:

  • The straightforward structure ensures that visitors know just where to search or explore for the information they seek.
  • The integration of a Google calendar makes it simple for schools and families to share common knowledge of what is going on daily.
  • The addition of a school news report provided by students and integrated on the homepage is an impressive feature.
  • They are posting announcements and news simultaneously across several district and school websites by utilizing content syndication tools.

2. Melbourne Girls Grammar

Melbourne Girls Grammar

The website of this exclusive girls’ high school in Melbourne, Australia, surely provides a strong first impression.

How does this WordPress website stand out?

  • Visitors have an instant understanding of the institution thanks to high-quality slide photographs. Without even reading any of the content on the site, you may get a sense of what amenities and extracurricular events this school has to offer.
  • The homepage layout is uncluttered and focuses on urging you to schedule a tour or utilize the navigation to obtain additional details.
  • The most recent news from school blogs is displayed as you scroll farther down the website, which also leads to significant information regarding the school’s principles. All of this adds to the credibility of the institution.

3. Georgia State University

Georgia State University

Georgia State University is the website that comes next on our list of educational websites that use WordPress. One thing you’ll notice about their website is the dominant professional blue hue used in their logo. They decided to consistently utilize that same colour over their entire website. The major menu comprises seven basic menu items that reflect the core of the university.

How does this wordpress-powered educational website stand out?

  • The style they’ve adopted across all pages on their WordPress-powered website is quite neat and professional–a vibe the university wants its visitors to associate with the university.
  • The Georgia State University site goes right to the point by providing visitors with what they’re searching for right away in the hero section.
  • Additionally, they give their users an interactive element by incorporating multiple input areas to identify your area of interest.

4. Harvard Gazette

The Harvard Gazette

Another best educational website example on the list is the Harvard Gazette, which is presumably quite well known. The Harvard Gazette is an official component of the Harvard website, as well as the university itself. The website falls somewhere between an educational and news website, although given that it is owned by Harvard University, we would conclude that it leans more in that direction. They cover a wide range of subjects, including science, health, arts & culture, and campus culture.

Why was this WordPress website made to this list?

  • The website itself has an extremely professional and tidy appearance. Along with the “latest” and “popular” categories, it includes the posts that are highlighted in the initial section of the website.
  • Vertical navigation is another feature of the website that remains fixed throughout, giving it a consistent appearance that visitors will remember for a long time.

5. Park University

Park University

Park University is a nonprofit, private university located in Parkville, Missouri. The university provides graduate and undergraduate degrees, with certain courses being delivered virtually. Park University has created an effective website and homepage.

WordPress makes it simpler for the institution’s administration to change information effortlessly, and the theme of the website was specially created for the university to complement its branding well.

Why We Adore the Website Design of Park University?

  • The video banner quickly draws you in and sends you to the gallery area of featured tales.
  • This website is excellent; it has a live social media feed, an interactive campus map, featured posts, and an application for prospective students.
  • Especially when the property is closed to outside visitors, the virtual tour provided by the school is a thoughtful addition.
  • Here’s the best part. With the use of the website’s program discovery tool, prospective students can locate the courses they’re interested in by sorting by program level, location, and area of study.

6. Solanco School District

The Solanco School District

The Solanco School District has a powerful educational website example that captures users’ attention immediately. They have added strong colors, fonts, layout, words, and overall design that take center stage, conveying the institution’s core values. This user-friendly site serves as an information hub while facilitating connection with its users and offering a more inclusive experience.

Why does this WordPress-powered website stand out?

  • The website’s design is crafted to make a powerful statement with the tagline “Connecting. Inspiring. Empowering.” The bold font and high contrast draw immediate attention while creating a memorable and impactful user experience.
  • Solanco School District goes beyond traditional information sharing by integrating links to its social media accounts.
  • This feature enhances communication and engagement, allowing visitors to connect with the institution through various online platforms.
  • The website stands out for its commitment to accessibility with features like the colour contrast toggle and font-size toggle. These elements empower users to customize their browsing experience, catering to diverse needs.

7. Putney High School

Putney High School

Putney High School is an all-girls boarding school in London, England. The high school is a part of the Girls’ Day School Trust, which is an organization of twenty-five separate educational institutions. The school’s goal is to produce self-assured, imaginative thinkers and provide instruction that is genuinely applicable to their future.

Why We Adore the Website Design of Putney High School?

  • The website for Putney High School features some cool animations, including a special navigation menu that slides down when you hover over the primary categories.
  • As you navigate down the homepage, several animation news pieces and images are displayed. To manage the additional functionality, links to external platforms are provided via the high school’s parents’ website and online donation page.
  • The internal pages draw your attention with their distinctive typography and vibrant student photos.

8. University of Central Florida (UCF)

Universty of Central Florida

The University of Central Florida (UCF) stands as a vibrant preeminent research university situated in metropolitan Orlando. Boasting an impressive enrollment of over 68,000 students, UCF is renowned as one of the largest universities in the United States.

Why We Adore the UCF Website:

  • UCF’s website immediately captivates users with a bold and eye-catching colour scheme of yellow and black. This dynamic combination with the university’s branding effectively captures the attention of visitors, creating a visually striking and memorable online presence.
  • The website features powerful headings and compelling Call-to-Action (CTA) elements that guide users through the content seamlessly. On top of it, UCF’s website strategically highlights the top 10 speciality courses offered by the college, showcasing the university’s strengths and areas of expertise.
  • The website intelligently highlights important numbers followed by a detailed new section to keep the community and visitors well-informed about the university’s latest developments, achievements, and events.

9. Columbia College

Columbia College

Columbia College is the leading education provider in Canada. They are among the ones who made to this list, as they have developed their website using WordPress. When you visit their website, a video welcomes you to their homepage.

These “hero videos,” as they are commonly referred to, have become ubiquitous on the modern internet.

What makes this college website stand out?

  • With most page builders including pictures and videos as hero design components, video is more accessible than ever. Additionally, it appears quite attractive and enticing to viewers, giving them a captivating glance at the college through a video.
  • Columbia College’s website uses a strategic header to highlight the most important sections. This approach catches the user’s attention immediately, guiding them to key areas of interest.
  • Their college website predominantly focuses on the brand’s blue colour, demonstrating a cohesive and branded visual identity.

10. Northeastern University

10. Northeastern University

For six years running, Northeastern has been included among the top 50 universities in the country by U.S. News & World Report.

A straightforward principle has guided Northeastern University for over a century: nothing can deepen learning more than experience. That truth is more important now than it has ever been.

Why northeastern university website stand out?

  • The WordPress website adopts a beautiful black-and-white theme, creating an aesthetic appeal that showcases sophistication. The clean font, well-designed headings, and structured sections enhance readability and overall visual appearance.
  • Northeastern University meticulously highlights its offerings, placing a strong emphasis on graduate programs, undergraduate options, and research initiatives.
  • The website intelligently focuses on the student experience by prominently featuring sections on student life, alumni, and activities at Northeastern University.
  • Northeastern University is smartly dedicated to student activities, trending news, and upcoming events to entice visitors to scroll and explore further.

11. Finland International School

Finland International School

The Finland International School is one of the top schools in Maldives that has developed its website using WordPress. This is a school website and looks like it, as they used so many fun colours and blocks to highlight the most important information. Using the Wix platform, the Finland International School Maldives gives its website some colour and personality.

Why this WordPress-made school website is unique and popular?

  • They have created a striking website with an intuitive user experience that makes it simple for staff, guardians, and prospective students to discover all the information they require.
  • This website has a page that explains the admissions process in detail and effortlessly links to a form that can be filled out. This method is an excellent way to consolidate all important information and accelerate activities.
  • They have added a unique video at the start of the website, along with expressing what they do & why they do it.


A high-quality school, college, and university can make a great first on impression users. And, if you are looking to develop an educational website, then we hope this blog has helped you in deciding why WordPress is the right platform for you.

We have covered why WordPress is a top pick for educational website development and 11 of the best ones developed using the platform. With the list, you can get a comprehensive idea of what others are doing, what they are doing right, and how can also add the right features, choose an appealing theme, and make your mark out there.

If you are still confused about how to move ahead with website development and looking for the best partner to help you with it, feel free to reach out to KrishaWeb – a leading WordPress development company.

We will thoroughly go through your customized business needs and help you develop a stunning and feature-rich educational website.

For further queries or to book a free demo, schedule a free consultation call right away!

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