18 Best WordPress Website Examples That Will Inspire You in 2024

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As WordPress is more than just a blogging platform; it is also a powerful content management system (CMS) that can handle everything from large enterprise sites to high-traffic magazines.

Many of the best designers and developers in the world have utilized WordPress to create incredibly engaging websites.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at these startling statistics. With over 42.7% of all websites using it, WordPress is a rapidly growing platform. It will probably surpass the 50% threshold soon.

On top of it, 62% of the top 100 fastest-growing US companies use WordPress. If you’re seeking some inspiration and want to know which of the top websites are utilizing WordPress, this blog has you covered.

We will look at some of the top WordPress website examples and brands from around the web.

18 Best WordPress Website Examples

1. The Obama Foundation

Obama foundation

The Obama Foundation’s official website highlights all of its initiatives using a unique WordPress theme. The website is an excellent illustration of how to do a lot with very little since it is clear-cut, easy to use, and simple. Approximately 150,000 people visit this website each month.

The website has a straightforward layout and contains social media posts, videos, and articles that all align with their goals. When you hover your mouse over the foundation logo, an interactive drop-down menu appears.

What we like: The Obama Foundation’s webpage does an excellent job of providing the general public and its supporters with practical information on the foundation’s initiatives and accomplishments in an interactive way.

2. Angry Birds

Angry Birds

Do you recall Angry Birds? This game was so popular that nearly everyone had it on their phones. The game’s official website features the well-known pigs and birds from the game and has a unique WordPress theme that is both colourful and straightforward.

The engaging visual visuals of the game are displayed on every page as the primary background thanks to the use of WordPress. This does a great job of keeping the same tone and feel of the actual game.

What we love: When we think about this WordPress website example, the first things that come to mind are colourful and lively. We enjoy it! The centrepiece of the Angry Birds website is a bright display of their most notable features, and its dynamic navigation system adds to the overall fun factor.

3. Vogue Website


From one of the top fashion and leisure publications in the world, we wouldn’t expect anything less than an advanced website. And when you visit Vogue, you get precisely that. This WordPress-powered website receives 3 million unique visitors per month.

Vogue’s homepage is filled with eye-catching, high-quality photos and videos to entice these visitors. This multimedia contains overlayed text explaining the post’s title, author, and category so that readers may make a well-informed choice about what they are interested in reading.

This layout is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it is also responsive, making it simple for users to navigate the website on desktop and mobile devices.

What we like: Everywhere you look, from the landing page to the sub-links, there’s a very stylish appearance on this Vogue website.

4. TEDx Blog


The TED Blog, the official news platform of TED, uses WordPress’s powerful publishing features to increase the organisation’s reach. This section covers a wide range of subjects, all of which are neatly arranged because of the power of taxonomies, which are a feature of WordPress websites.

The written content on the website expands the conversation outside of TED conferences, giving the ideas discussed on the main TED platform more nuance, perspective, and background.

Articles use WordPress tags, just like a lot of websites built using the platform, to make it easier for users to find more content on particular subjects. All in all, the website minimizes design distractions so that the content speaks for itself.

Why do we love it? The emphasis is primarily on the content, with no fancy interruptions. and it is relatively simple to understand thanks to the familiar blog structure.

5. Astra


The Astra website is an extremely popular website for anything WordPress, made with WordPress. Astra, one of the most popular WordPress websites, provides a first-rate user experience to millions of visitors annually.

Given that it is the business behind the most widely used third-party theme, it comes as no surprise that Astra is utilizing an altered version of the theme for its website. It is, appropriately, the ideal display for their selection of goods.

The similarly attractive Astra blog offers tutorials, details, and suggestions for WordPress-built websites.

Why it is among the best? It gives the highest performance with exceptional customization freedom and serves as a good foundation for future development.

6. Airstream


Airstream travel trailers and touring coaches evoke excitement and enable individuals to Live Attached wherever they go. In summary, it is a car manufacturer that specializes in travel trailers. The majority of the landing pages on this company’s minimalistic website are devoted to presenting the product image.

This combination enables customers to concentrate on their goods right away. The call-to-action (CTA) button and large text that go with the photos additionally assist in visitors’ quick understanding of Airstream’s offerings.

What do we admire? It is an easy-to-use website that helps users meet their needs and precisely directs them. It is clear, uncluttered, and uncomplicated.

7. The New York Times

The New York Times

The New York Times was among the first media organizations to completely utilize WordPress’ user-generated content function.

The website’s sleek look, sometimes known as the “NYT theme,” is admired by many bloggers.

It launched a CMS plugin in 2012 that allowed numerous journalists to collaborate on the same piece — it allowed modifications to a post to be logged and then accepted or rejected. Their efforts paid off, as it was able to surpass 260 million unique monthly visitors in 2021.

What did we love? In addition, to serve its enormous international readership, the New York Times allows readers to switch from English to Spanish or Chinese with the press of a button. These buttons are located at the top of the home page.

8. Walnut


Walnut displays its vibrant theme with entertaining animations and transitions throughout this warm WordPress site. What better way to showcase the features of an interactive product tour than when you provide a tool for creating interactive product demos? This feature, together with the walnut website gives users a notion of what the tool is capable of.

Further down the page, significant points and features are highlighted with subtle animations. Interestingly, a few tabbed sections highlight various capabilities and advantages of the service without taking up much space on the page.

Why do we love this website? The vibrant and dynamic pattern is eye-catching and unforgettable for customers, and a warm and inviting UI follows it.

9. Sony Music Entertainment

Sony Music Entertainment

Sony Music Entertainment is a global recorded music corporation with a current roster that comprises a diverse range of local performers as well as international celebrities. It’s also a record label with its website. Sony has decided to create a bespoke design for the website that will provide users with access to Sony’s featured artists, labels, music videos, and more.

On the Sony Music website, usability and branding come first. It maintains the design simplicity and uses a colour palette of black, white, and red to match the company’s logo.

What did we love about this website? Its homepage displays various Sony Music Label logos and well-known musicians. This helps the company demonstrate its expertise and reputation in the music industry.

10. Caesarstone


Design is crucial to Caesarstone, an organization that does more than just produce quartz surfaces. They make an effort to replicate the entire showroom experience on your screen. Their WordPress e-commerce website is very polished and easy to use, making it possible to switch between several experiences with ease.

Do you want to pick a colour? There is a feature for that. Do you need to see how it will appear in your room? They’ve got you covered with interactive components in each navigation category. You can have an excellent look at their products and see how your selections might look in real life, whether indoors or outside.

Here’s the best part: The way Caesarstone displays its items on the website shows how versatile and effective WordPress-powered websites can be.

11. Walt Disney Company

Walt Disney Company

The Walt Disney Company’s mission statement is to be one of the world’s premier producers and distributors of entertainment and information.

The Walt Disney Company, a well-known brand, undoubtedly needs a solid, dependable platform for its main website. As a result, they have decided to use WordPress, one of the most powerful website builders. The home page of the Walt Disney website features a big hero image along with a sticky navigation menu.

Embracing its objective of providing a pleasant, enjoyable experience, the website features colourful pages as well as animated typography and buttons.

What we like about this website: From the modern and better to the classic and timeless, the Disney corporation website has something for everyone.

12. Paris Bateaumon

Paris Bateaumon

It could be challenging to get the most inspiration from a large number of WordPress websites. Bateau Mon Paris hosts corporate and private events on boats and barges. The hero header features incredible hand-drawn artwork and a retro-cool typeface. As wonderful as their services are, their presentation of the kind of boats they provide consumers is equally impressive.

A clipart-style image of the boat appears when you click on any of the passengers. It’s extremely distinctive and entertaining. Despite the visual hierarchy, the overlapping web pieces are equally stunning.

Why do we love this website? This WordPress website draws customers with its grid-style content, sticky header, fluid slide, social icons, and other features.

13. Tech Crunch

Tech Crunch

TechCrunch is a renowned website that covers breaking news in the business and technology industries. It covers everything from new technological goods and trends to businesses.

This website has a straightforward interface with a grid-style layout. TechCrunch shows how a content-heavy website may present news articles, company profiles, product reviews, and more in an organized manner.

This WordPress website has a simple overall design that highlights the headlines and graphics. The left-hand sidebar’s sticky navigation invites users to explore more enticing subjects, which may extend their stay on the website.

Here’s why we love this WordPress website: Loads of information are structured in an engaging style on the Tech Crunch website, with readily skimmable headlines and visuals for articles.

14. Lollapalooza


The Lollapalooza is a popular, Chicago-based annual music festival that attracts people from all over the globe. It is a one-of-kind website, powered by WordPress, which stands out as a dynamic and user-centric platform for music enthusiasts worldwide.

This wehase has a visually engaging interface, with a vibrant color scheme and captivating scroll animations. The user-friendly design, coupled with WordPress’s responsive capabilities, ensures accessibility across a range of devices, catering to the diverse preferences of festival-goers. Notably, the integration of an FAQ section and store merchandise provides a comprehensive hub for festival information and fan interaction.

Why did this WordPress make it on the list? The Lollapalooza website aligns with modern design trends by offering a visually appealing, functional, and user-friendly online presence.

15. Quartz


Quartz is the global business news and membership site owned by Atlantic Media. This website stands out as a prime WordPress website example of innovative content delivery within the WordPress ecosystem.

Leveraging WordPress as its content management system (CMS), Quartz integrates JSON APIs and adopts a mobile-first design philosophy, showcasing cutting-edge inventions within the WordPress ecosystem.

This website provides a dependable means for readers who are always on the go to obtain precise data, and it translates flawlessly on mobile devices and tablets.
This one-of-a-kind WordPress website includes infinite scroll, Quaroptimizetimuze the user engagement and navigation.

Why does this global business news website stand out? It has a minimalist design, with clean typography and minimal images, to eliminate unnecessary distractions while enhancing the overall experience for the customers.

16. The Jane Goodall Institute

The Jane Goodall Institute

A global nonprofit organization, the Jane Goodall Institute (JGI) is dedicated to community-centred conservation, which includes enhancing community well-being while safeguarding great apes and chimpanzees in Africa.

The website, which targets a global audience, has 50,000 unique visits each month. The Jane Goodall Institute employs an image slider on its homepage that incorporates GIFs to interact with visitors.

On its About page, the website also makes use of the integrated block animation capability. There will be an explanation displayed when you scroll over any image on the website.

What we like: Websites may also be passionate and story-driven, as the Jane Goodall Institute demonstrates.

17. Katy Perry’s personal website

Katy Perry's personal website

Pop star Katy Perry hosts her official website on WordPress.com. The website employs high-quality portfolio images of the artist to create a striking impression, with an understandable focus on graphics and social media cues. You can scroll down to see tour dates, merchandise, and more or click the icons to learn more.

It’s a simple but edgy website that successfully combines user-friendly features with the artist’s unique pop personal image. Gone are the days of crowded band websites crammed with too much animation and nonstop music.

Why this website is amazing? Perry’s website demonstrates how much personality you can cram into a basic white background and simply navigable links, offering fans the opportunity to enjoy the music and videos at their convenience.

18. Rafal Bojar Personal Website

Rafal Bojar Personal Website

This captivating photography portfolio website was made for Rafal Bojar by designer Zhenya Rynzhuk using Vue.js on the front end and WordPress as a semi-headless content management system. It includes an ‘essence’ page outlining the photographer’s philosophy and technique, a sleek grid showcasing all of Bojar’s work, and a homepage that shows teases of a few tales.

Why this website is amazing? The intention was to present Rafal’s incredible creations and provide guests with a singular experience. They choose to utilize WordPtoer to make it simple to update the site regularly.

The website employs an S3 bucket to store data in addition to WordPress, the website also uses Vue.js, and Cloudfront to serve the data to ensure quick loading times.

To Conclude

All of the websites on the list have one-of-a-kind custom designs that make use of a variety of technology. However, one thing they all have in common is WordPress. We hope that this post helped provide you with some great examples of WordPress websites to get you encouraged and inspired.

Despite all the competition, WordPress continues to improve and evolve daily. Being an open-source content management system, it is updated and expanded with new themes, services, and plugins to keep up with the rapid changes in web design trends.

These examples will motivate you to design a website that stands out from the competition, regardless of whether you are launching an e-commerce site, blog, corporate website, portfolio, non-profit organization, education platform, magazine, personal website, news site, or photographic showcase.

If you need assistance with your online business needs, KrishaWeb has got you covered. KrishaWeb is a leading WordPress development company, willing to provide the best possible enterprise WordPress solutions.

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