Top 10 Websites Built With Laravel to Get Inspiration in 2024

Top Websites Built with Laravel

Laravel is now one of the most used PHP frameworks for web development. It is known for its elegant syntax and powerful features and also has won the hearts of developers from every corner. If you are looking to get a Laravel website, you have landed on the right page.

In this post, we are going to present the top 10 best websites built with Laravel. Sites such as eCommerce platforms and social networks show the versatility and robustness of the Laravel framework. Whether you are an experienced developer or a beginner, prepare to be inspired by these phenomenal websites developed using Laravel.

Best Examples of the Websites Made with Laravel

Here are some popular examples of websites made with Laravel that can help you proceed ahead with clarity. Read on.

1. Invoice Ninja

Invoice Ninja

Invoice Ninja is a website developed with the Laravel structure, which gives billing and invoicing services to freelancers, small business people, and professionals. It offers modifiable features like invoice templates, payment tracking, time tracking, and expense management. Invoice Ninja has a user-friendly interface and strong features, making it the ideal choice for businesses searching for an effective invoicing system.

2. Contentoo


Contentoo is a site created with Laravel that links businesses to professional freelance content creators. It offers companies the opportunity to locate and recruit talented writers, translators, editors, content specialists, etc, for their assignments. Contentoo’s website is clean and easy to use, creating an intuitive platform for clients and freelancers to work together seamlessly. It has now become a reliable platform for businesses looking for high-quality content creation services through its strong search and communication features.

3. MyRank


MyRank is an e-learning site designed with Laravel technology that aims to offer comprehensive test preparation materials for competitive exams. It provides comprehensive study materials, sample tests, and individualized feedback to guide students in their preparation for the exams. MyRank’s website is designed to be user-friendly and provides an intuitive interface for students to access study materials, track their progress, and interact with tutors. With its interactive features and high-quality content, MyRank has become a popular choice among students looking for online learning solutions.

4. Usetably


Usetably is a website created using Laravel that provides user-testing solutions to businesses. It enables companies to collect feedback and data from actual users either on their website or application to enhance the user experience. This website elucidates the features and advantages of Usetably providing a convenient process for user testing by businesses. It has an intuitive interface and detailed analytics that are used by businesses focusing on optimizing user experience to increase customer satisfaction.

5. Laracasts


Laracasts is one of the most popular educational websites made with Laravel, which deals in video tutorials, screencasts, and courses for web developers. Its topics range widely from Laravel framework to PHP, JavaScript, and so on. Laracast’s website has a nice and understandable interface where developers can easily find the huge treasure of educational materials. As Laracasts has a massive collection of tutorials and an active community, it has moved forward to become a helpful resource for program developers who are looking to improve their skills and learn about new web development methods.

6. Flarum


Flarum is a new-age forum software built using Laravel and open source. It has a neat interface, real-time notifications, infinite scrolling capabilities, and easy-to-use moderation tools. Flarum is highly modifiable, so website owners can make the forum suit their requirements. This is employed by different online communities to conduct debates and interact with users.

7. World Walking

World Walking

The World Walking website encourages physical activity and global awareness. It uses Laravel to give users an interactive platform to monitor their walking distance and learn about virtual walks worldwide. The website introduces gamification elements, motivating users to set goals and earn rewards. World Walking is not only a fitness device but also an insight into various cultures and landmarks of the world.

8. Barcharts


One of the well-liked educational sites is Barcharts, which offers short and visually engaging study guides on a wide range of topics. It was developed using Laravel and provides a user-friendly interface where students can access reference materials, practice quizzes, and flashcards. The website also has printable versions of their study guides.

9. Cachet


Cachet is an open-source status page system that enables companies to communicate real-time updates to their users. It utilizes Laravel to present a simple and attractive interface where businesses can make their customers aware of service disruptions, maintenance work, or any other information relevant to them. Cachet provides proactive communication to ensure transparency during downtime or issues while minimizing user’s frustration.

10. Alison


Alison is one of the largest online learning platforms that provides many free courses and certifications. It leverages Laravel to provide an easy-to-understand user interface, enabling learners to access excellent educational materials from different fields. For better learning, Allison provides interactive exercises, assessments, and discussion forums. It is one of the most popular online platforms with millions of users across the globe for individuals interested in self-paced distance education.

Final Thoughts

Hence, these leading websites developed with Laravel demonstrate the potential and plurality of this widely used PHP framework. Be it an invoicing platform, a content creation marketplace, an online learning platform, or any other user testing solution or even an educational website – Laravel proves to be a trusted and cost-effective method of building strong yet intuitive and interactive websites. Laravel continues to empower businesses and developers with powerful features and seamless integration capabilities, helping them develop innovative, scalable web solutions.

Nirav Panchal
Lead – Custom Development

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