How to Outsource Laravel Development [Benefits and Best Practices]

Laravel Work Outsourcing Tips

Laravel development is the top choice for businesses looking for a solid back-end for websites. Laravel is one of the best open-source PHP frameworks that ensure high performance, scalability, security, and next-gen functionality. With an easy-to-grasp syntax, the platform facilitates web development and is quite popular for data-centric businesses. With more than 44,000+ websites and $5.7 million in revenue to its credit, Laravel is trusted for diverse web applications.

Businesses from the United States, India and UK use this framework excessively to build feature-rich websites and enterprise applications.

Why Should You Outsource Laravel Development?

Fast becoming a trusted framework for web development, Laravel is a highly rewarding choice. It is suitable for small, medium and enterprise applications with high traffic volumes and data processing. Whether it is media, healthcare, eCommerce or other any other industry, Laravel is apt for all due to its top features like event broadcasting, service container, authentication and open source platform.

Laravel experts can build powerful, comprehensive applications for Startups to enterprises. Due to the microservices architecture, it builds user-friendly web solutions that suffice all kinds of business requirements. Outsourcing Laravel development saves time, effort, and overall cost of development.

Benefits of Outsourcing Laravel Development

There are plenty of benefits to outsourcing Laravel development services. Some of them are listed below.

Affordable Web Solutions

By outsourcing, you can hire Laravel developers at cost-effective rates. Countries like US and UK rely on developers from India to build high-quality web solutions. They get flexible hiring models, a dedicated team, frequent reporting and more, at pocket-friendly prices. When compared to in-house development, outsourcing reduces the cost by a huge margin.

Timely delivery of the product

Instead of setting up the necessary infrastructure and hiring specialized developers, it is advisable to outsource the project to a reliable Laravel development company. It speeds up the development process and ensures that the project is delivered on time.

Custom web application development

Outsourcing ensures the development of tailor-made applications designed specifically for meeting your business requirements. They designed solutions to create a brand out of a business. Most of them offer cloud-based development services and digital marketing to create fast, secure and high-ranking websites.

Tried and tested method

Outsourcing Laravel development means you pay for building a website with the best industry practices, agile methodology, well-defined workflow, quality testing, deployment and support services. So, you get a foolproof application that serves the customer’s expectations and meets all business goals.


Laravel websites are revered for their high-end security. The framework has features that ensure secure web development without any hassles. By outsourcing, you choose developers with absolute knowledge of Laravel. They use Laravel packages and put every line of their code to test, and even perform custom tests to prevent any security loopholes.

The Process to Outsource Laravel Development

Let us give you an insight into the process to outsource your web development project to any Laravel development company.

Discuss the scope of the project

The first thing is that you should be clear about the scope of your project and the exact requirements of the application. You should be able to analyze what you need, be it custom Laravel development, extensions, third-party integration, support services, maintenance, etc. Once you are clear about the scope of the project, you will be able to find the right developer team.

Research is important

Hire Laravel developers only after you have researched extensively about them. Go through the resumes of the developers, their expertise, the kind of projects they have accomplished and their niche. Also, check for companies offering multi-niche developers as they come up with new-age ideas and combine technology stacks to deliver the best results.

Shortlist the best from the lot

Prepare a checklist of things like daily reporting, project management, communication mediums, etc. See which of the companies offer the best services in all the departments you are looking for. Check if their technical and soft skills match your criteria. After all the research, shortlist the top three or five from your options.

Discuss the budget and deadline

Perhaps the most important part is the monetary parameter and the time frame of finishing the project. Discuss them thoroughly and see which company offers the best deal without compromising on quality. Also, they need to finish the project on time so that you can launch the site at a time that streamlines your business goals.

Apart from the above mentioned, checking for the basic formalities like protection of intellectual rights, collaborative approach, zero communication gap, etc. are some of the factors to consider before hiring a Laravel development company.

How to Ensure the Success of Your Outsourced Project?

Once you have figured out the right team or outsourcing partner, you need to design a strategy that works well for both of you. Approach the project from a management point of view that is best for executing it. Some of the tips to ensure the success of your outsourced project are as follows.

Define clear communication channels

Communication is the key to the success of outsourcing projects. If both parties are from different time zone, they need to fix a time slot for reporting about each phase of development. Basically, both should be on the same page.

Define project deliverables and milestones

Clearly defined deliverables with timeframe help to streamline project management. You should keep track on the latest happenings and milestones achieved by the outsourcing company. This can help you reflect on the changes, if needed.

Progress and reporting

You need to keep an eye on the progress of the project. Frequent reporting is important for this. It will help you suggest and modify changes beforehand. This way, you have a say during every stage of project development.

Plan project management methods

Discuss in detail the project management techniques and methodologies required for the successful and timely completion of the project. Be it agile or scrum methods, decide as per the timeline, business goals, budget and resources.

Data security and confidentiality

While you outsource website development, you need to be extremely careful about data security. So, discuss their confidentiality policy for the safekeeping of sensitive data, project concepts and intellectual property.

Final Thoughts

There are many benefits of outsourcing Laravel development. Apart from the quality, it is the cost-effectiveness, deliverables and efficiency that matter the most. You will be able to achieve all of these and more, by tying up with an outsourcing partner. Leverage the expertise of Laravel developers and create a futuristic web solution.

KrishaWeb offers exceptional Laravel development services. We provide diverse hiring models for choosing our expert developers. Apart from this, we maintain absolute confidentiality of the project and deliver modules on time. Feel free to connect with our Laravel Experts for a detailed discussion.

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