Why WordPress is the Best CMS for Publishers?

best cms for publishers

In this blog, I am going to discuss why and how WordPress is the best CMS for publishers irrespective of their niche and size. You must get to know why and how WordPress is the best CMS for the digital publishing industry.

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From individual creators to multimillion-dollar organizations, digital media has become part of daily business functions everywhere, and that’s why digital media is not a monolith.

Yet WordPress can be a great publishing platform both sides of the coin can use everything around it, as you’ll get to know from the examples presented in this article.

Why WordPress is the Best CMS for Publishers?

WordPress CMS is not the same for all digital publishers. Unlike SaaS website publishers, WordPress is not a one-size-fits-all publishing platform.

WordPress is not only a complete publishing platform, however, you can consider it as an open-source building block that has tools which can help you engineer your idea into a bespoke website. Any of these scenarios can be leveraged to suit and that’s the beauty of WordPress.

Here are three examples of three different kinds of digital publishers that use WordPress and the ways that WordPress brings success to their business.

# How do Major News Publishers Use WordPress?

News Corp, Forbes, and Reuter are some of the most successful sites that are built on WordPress.

Here are the top 3 benefits publishers experience with WordPress CMS

1) WordPress Accelerating Newsroom Workflows

Breaking news requires great speed and dexterity. And that is why most editors are always in a hurry and looking for ways of shortening the publishing time.

Using WordPress can be a freeing experience for news publishers as it allows publishers to do hours of manual work and that’s why WordPress is one of the best platforms for news networks according to tech experts.

One of the most time-consuming functions in the newsroom is picture processing and as necessary as it is, it is an awful time-consuming task. Generally, the images are edited and adjusted for several platforms where the narrative is displayed, for example, AMP, desktop, social, etc.

Fortunately, WordPress contains a set of features such as cropping, auto-thumbnailing, and editing pictures that can come in handy to the editorial team.

Images are just a minute feature for complex newsroom workflows. This is not heavy-duty for WordPress, as the experience of the entire publishing platform is top-notch and nothing in the market can surpass it.

Thanks to its intuitive and basic user experience the platform offers the freedom to develop, edit and publish the work in a matter of minutes.

Thanks to the intuitive and simplified user experience the platform offers, content creators may develop, edit, approve and evaluate their work in a matter of minutes. Compared to other CMS solutions in the market, WordPress can make the process faster instead of slowing it down.

2) Easy Enterprise Integrations

Enterprise-level organizations typically run news publishing websites. This means that running in isolation is not an option. The new publishing sites need to communicate with other sites daily.  CRM and marketing tools are some internal systems that are examples of different platforms that are crucial for any newsroom’s proper workflow. Our WordPress development company also helps out with applications as we’re aware that the news website also uses front-facing apps to publish information like weather updates, game scores, stock data, and more.

WordPress supports a wide ecosystem of plugins, add-on integration, and bespoke applications that can be easily integrated into the publication platform via REST and GraphQL APIs. The feature that benefits the news publication sites is APIs as the WordPress Developers from Vipe Studio use the API functionalities of the system to build decoupled apps that spread information across all channels with several sites.

3) Easy to Scale High Traffic

The most difficult thing that can be seen in the news publishing industry is a major traffic swing. You can not predict which piece of content can go viral but if that happens you must be ready to hold a large amount of traffic.

WordPress is a robust platform that can handle high traffic and reduces the chances of an outage.

For example, our WordPress agency does high-end technology optimization to make sure that the new publishing websites that we craft are ready to face outages and scale beyond any limitations.

Some of the best practices such as CDN installation, lazy load, caching, code review, etc. are used by our WordPress developers to create top news publishing sites. You’re already off to a good start from a scalability point of view because WordPress was created to handle tens and thousands of logged-in users at a time.

# How Specialist Publishers Use WordPress?

Some of the speciality publishers in the niche are TechCrunch, Mumbrella (Australia), and Her Campus Media which are built on WordPress. Here’s why WordPress is a great platform for speciality publishers:

1. WordPress has a Huge Plugin Marketplace

Not everything in the news and media industry is enterprise-level. There are several niche publishers too that have their own devices and means to create their IT solutions.  And that is where the WordPress plugin marketplace enters, which is useful for niche publishers. WordPress marketplace is bigger than you think, with over 56,000 plugins and 7,000 themes to pick from, there’s a solution for enterprise and niche industry’s every need.

2. No Vendor Lock-In

The open-source nature of this CMS is the biggest perk of using WordPress for media and publishing websites. This means that any kind of project requirement you have or any issue that you might face in the future, there will be a large community of WordPress developers that will be able to take care of your site.

Another perk of WordPress is that it doesn’t bind you to any organization or developers. WordPress can also be very advantageous because it avoids the upfront license expenses that are sometimes needed with vendor-specific systems.

3. Multisite Capability

To establish new revenue streams, launching a new vertical is one of the most crucial methods for specialist publishers. In this context, our WordPress development company thinks that the Multisite function of the platform can be the best option for site owners who want to administer multiple websites from a single WordPress installation.

# How Does an Independent Creator Use WordPress?

Up next are independent creators. To cater to this group it seems like a new platform is launched each day.  And WordPress can give creators what they need to run a thriving paid newsletter community. Here’s why WordPress is a good platform for creators:

1. Greater control of revenue

A great way to start as an independent creator is to use creator platforms like Medium and Substack as these aren’t paid platforms to launch. However, the cost will start adding up once you start offering a paid subscription.

For example, 10% will be charged by Substack for each transaction plus a further 2.9% will be charged as a payment processing fee for Stripe.

Independent writers don’t understand that it’s easy to start a paid newsletter with WordPress for a fraction of the cost. A company named The Code was easily able to migrate several writers to a WordPress-based stack that integrates subscription CRM and email software which allows them to keep more of their revenue.

2. Content Customization and Audience Segmentation

At KrishaWeb, we realize better than anyone else that audience ownership is important when it comes to building an online community.

The great news for WordPress users is that WordPress creates important customization in a very easy and straightforward way.

For example, WordPress will let you create a one-of-a-kind user experience for visitors based on their subscription status.

3. WordPress Allows you to Create Newsletters 

Is it easier to send a newsletter than to post an article on your blog?  With WordPress, the answer to your question is “Yes” It is easier to send a newsletter than to post an article. Whether you use an existing plugin or go for a custom solution, WordPress allows you to create and publish newsletters from within the platform.

That’s Why WordPress is the Best CMS for Publishers

As concluded, you must be aware by now that WordPress is a digital platform that can cater to all your business needs and is the best fit for all business sizes, including enterprise-level and publishing organizations.

Our WordPress experts can guarantee you that WordPress is tailored to meet your organization’s needs, whether you’re a big news media or an individual creator.

KrishaWeb is a specialized WordPress development company that focuses on building a complex enterprise-level, niche specific, and site for individual creators. We are highly aware of the specific challenges that news media and publishers face in their day-to-day work, and we have the needed technical expertise to offer the most advanced and innovative solutions so that you can focus on the news and let us take care of your site for you. Feel free to connect with us

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