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Laravel for Ecommerce site

Choosing Laravel for eCommerce is a no-brainer as the backend framework offers quite a number of benefits. It is sturdy and scalable to handle every requirement of an up-and-running online store. In addition, it offers the right backend set to build an excellent end-user experience by delivering correct information at the dot time. Basically, Laravel fulfils all the requirements of a modern-day eCommerce store. It is a stable technology that is evolving with every passing day. With more than 738,000 existing sites, Laravel is a preferred name for web app development. eCommerce industry is using Laravel excessively which is a prime reason for the exponential growth of the technology.

14 Most Common Reasons Why Laravel is Suitable for Ecommerce Website Development

Let us dive deeper and discuss why Laravel is so popular for eCommerce website development. Find here the most common reasons for the immense popularity of choosing Laravel for eCommerce web apps.

1. Quick Site Development

Laravel is structured in a way that aligns with rapid-paced online web store development. It has libraries and functionalities that can be easily incorporated to build a comprehensive, modern eCommerce site. It eliminates the need of writing redundant code and therefore, ensures quick eCommerce website building.

2. Offers Access to a Plethora of Built-in Packages and OOP Libraries

Like every PHP framework, Laravel has an array of libraries with numerous built-in object-oriented functions. This helps developers create custom features and cool functionality without excessive coding efforts. So, primarily the libraries and packages help to simplify eCommerce development.

3. Offers High-level Security Features

Security is a major concern for eCommerce sites. Sensitive customer data and payment details must not leak at any cost. Therefore, it is advisable to choose web development frameworks like Laravel, which provides both – server-side and application-side security. Security features are a major reason for developers to opt for web store development.

4. Best for the Ease of Workflow Design

Any business entity has multiple workflows to support all operations. Laravel provides the necessary features to create workflows without absolute ease. This also minimizes any chances of errors and flaws in the overall business processes. In a nutshell, it reduces the time and cost required for designing workflows.

5. The Flexibility of Content Management System

Laravel offers an easy-to-use CMS required for adding new content, products, blogs, videos, images, and more. This helps to create an eCommerce store in a jiffy. You don’t have to build everything from scratch. Just customizing the CMS will build new pages in the shortest possible time.

6. Effortless Migration and Scalability

It’s a painless job to migrate from any other platform to Laravel. Any experienced Laravel developer can do that without losing data and essential information. It can be done for any scale of the project. This is also true when you want to expand the store with new features, in the future. So, Laravel is highly scalable!

7. Open-source Community Support

The biggest benefit of choosing Laravel for eCommerce development is the immense support you get from its community of developers. They come up with new designs, templates, features, and plugins and even offer solutions to queries in forums. This makes Laravel developers comfortable in building out-of-the-box features.

8. The Convenience of Integration with Many Interfaces

Developers can effortlessly integrate Laravel with user interfaces like mailing lists and more. Any interface that is relevant to the eCommerce store can be integrated with Laravel. Custom integration of mailing services helps to build a rapport with customers and opens new avenues for sales as well as income.

9. Testing and Maintenance without any Hassles

Laravel offers an elaborate testing mechanism, which makes way for a bug-free eCommerce store. The whole code can be tested with PHPUnit and bugs can be fixed without difficulty to create a solid, error-free eCommerce site. This saves the time required for manual testing. In addition, the MVC architecture of Laravel helps to maintain it smoothly. As the presentation and business logic layers are separate, each can be repaired without disturbing the other.

10. High-performance Ecommerce Websites

You cannot afford to have a slow-loading, dull eCommerce site. These are the biggest reasons for losing customers. Choose Laravel to avoid losing a huge chunk of customers. The framework offers all the necessary tools to create a high-performing online store. Laravel will suffice, no matter how big it is with a huge product catalogue. It does this with the help of Memcached, Redis, and excellent caching configuration options. With its speed optimization strategies, database indexing, and other features, Laravel delivers exceptionally high-performing eCommerce sites.

11. Budget-friendly Ecommerce Sites

Being open source, Laravel does not cost you a high pocket. Moreover, it is self-sufficient so, you don’t need additional third-party tools or plugins that add to the cost of development. It reduces project development and maintenance costs by creating stores with zero downtime.

12. SEO Friendly Approach

SEO is important for any web store to get new visitors, leads, and customers. Laravel is a SEO-friendly framework, which initiates quick indexing of websites. It also supports proactive lead conversion through advanced SEO tools. Having an SEO-friendly framework is a critical strategic move for any eCommerce site. This brings more traffic, business, sales, and revenue to the store.

13. Seamless Integration with Third-party Software

Third-party tools are necessary when you want to add new features like payment gateways, newsletter features, and more. Laravel APIs provide the freedom and flexibility required to incorporate third-party tools. This supports the development of feature-rich, futuristic online stores.

14. Simplified Store Management

With the Laravel CMS dashboard, you can easily track product releases, campaign success rates, results of marketing strategies, customer feedback, and more. You can monitor all of the store activities.

Laravel for Ecommerce Development: Features & Packages

1. Bagisto

Made in Vue.js and Laravel, this open-source package is suitable for online stores for small businesses. It sorts out many eCommerce issues especially those dealing with inventories. It can be installed in the blink misses time and works wonders for web stores.

2. Mage 2

Mage 2 facilitates customization of the web store. The best part about this package is that you don’t have to integrate the whole of it. Instead, you can filter out the necessary snippets and blend them with the Laravel code. This does not bulk up the code yet offers the important features without any hassles.

3. Aimeos

When you want to build a massive online store, Aimeos comes to help. It provides features that support the creation of numerous inventories, payment gateways, and vendors. It is a secure way of developing an Omni channel eCommerce store.

4. GetCandy

An ideal backend package, this one manages operations like managing orders, indexing products, aligning users, etc. It comes with a few limitations but still works well for the backend management.

5. Vanilo

Again, one of the most useful packages for a Laravel eCommerce store, this one offers extensibility with over 30 repositories on GitHub.

These are the top Laravel packages that should be utilized to build a scalable, secure, high-performing eCommerce website.


Alison is a vast e-learning platform that offers free education across 195 countries, and practically across the globe. With a learner trainer community that spans the 20 million mark, this enormously scalable Laravel website offers upskilling courses to the whole world.


Famous for offering fixed financial data solutions across the USA, Canada, and the UK, Barcharts deals with cryptocurrency, forex, and the global stock exchange. This Laravel site builds interactive charts so that users can decipher financial information in an understandable format.

3. InvoiceNinja

An elaborate invoicing solution that supports businesses and freelancers. It not only makes invoices in different formats but also helps them track payments and expenses. The Laravel site is quite a hit with 170,000 users.

4. MyRank

Designed as an Indian e-learning platform that focuses on competitive exams and their preparations. It offers 24×7 studying assistance to students so that they can crack competitive exams. With a constantly updating database, this site is a classic example of the scalability of Laravel.

5. Contentoo

This site uses the impeccable security feature of Laravel to create ‘zero-gap’ communication between contractors and their employers. Used for outsourcing services, this site enables a secure communication pipeline between its users.

The Final Words

If you are choosing Laravel for eCommerce development, you won’t regret the decision. The framework works for all kinds of online businesses, big or small. Whether you have a small online store or a giant eCommerce brand, Laravel will suffice all your business requirements. It has proved its calibre time and again to be a top choice for online store development.

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