How to Choose the Right Web Design Agency For Your Website Redesign

Website Redesign Agency

Website redesign is optimizing an existing website to enhance end-user experience and fulfil business goals. Normally, the site revamp process is recommended at an interval of two to three years for any small or medium-scale business. 

The foremost reasons for redesigning a website include changing technologies that demand upgradation, broadened target audience, performance issues, scalability problems, updated business strategies, non-responsive design, low traffic, and more. Any or all of these reasons are a clear path for losing customers, business, and revenue. If you are facing any of these technical hassles then read on to find the best solution. 

Benefits of Website Redesign

Whether you are an online business or an offline company, your website is the gateway to nearly 70% of all your customers. In the tech era, a website is the easiest way for customers to reach out and research your company. This means your website should generate the best end-user experience. Statistics suggest that around 40% of designers agree that an outdated design is the root cause of losing customers. Around 38% of people leave a site due to navigational issues and poor functionality. 75% of people judge a company by its website design. 

More than 80% of visitors choose to skip a site that gave them a bad experience. Well, numbers don’t lie and are primarily important for gauging the success of any business. If you work out on the above aspects through website redesign, then you bring a fresh perspective to the business. This will in turn open the gateway to startling success, sales, and ROI. 

The List: Benefits of Website Redesign

  • A fresh-looking website represents core business values and brand image
  • Updated technology versions and support
  • The redesign offers new functionality, features, and add-ons
  • Fast loading site ensures immediate customer engagement 
  • Creates better customer experiences
  • Improves customer retention and conversion 
  • Mobile-friendly website broadens the customer base
  • Up-to-date SEO means higher rankings on search engines
  • Increases chances of connecting customers through social media integration 
  • Showcases brand consistency and credibility
  • Boosts traffic, sales, and revenue
  • Revamps the brand image 

What to Choose?: DIY Website Design vs Hiring a Web Design Agency

If you are a startup that aims to refurbish its website, it is advisable to check the technical expertise of your team. While you may save on the website redesign cost, you will lose out on the professional acumen of an already established web development company. 

Time is another parameter to consider before you choose between DIY website revamping and hiring web developers. If you have ample time to experiment, learn, implement, and update your web development skills, then go for it. Otherwise, outsource this task to technical experts. 

Professional web developers are up-to-date with the latest technologies, and SEO skills, building user journeys, and creating mobile-friendly sites. They can incorporate the latest functionality and features to build robust, technologically competitive websites. 

Relying on website builders may leave you with limited features. You may face scalability issues and may not incorporate business-specific functionality with absolute precision. This will widen the distance between the company and the customers. 

For all these reasons, hiring a web design agency with experience in redesigning sites that match your business goals is always the right decision. 

9 Tips on Choosing the Right Web Design Agency

Following are some of the tried and tested ways to find the best web designers for your existing site. 

1. Consider your website redesign requirements

First and foremost, you should be clear about what changes should be made to your existing site. Give an astute thought to small details, starting from color, design elements, features, and navigational flow, to altering the current business strategy. Better SEO, integration of marketing tools or CRM, building newsletter platform, etc. are some of the most sought-after features for design revamp. Once you are clear about all these aspects, you will be able to convey them to the web developers. Think about all possibilities, technical issues, budget constraints, and optimal solutions. This kind of brainstorming will help you to plan the site revamp process with complete finesse. 

2. Find web design agencies online

The easiest way to search for the best web development agency is to search them out online. Check the companies with a track record of building sites that match your requirements. Make sure to go through their site to see what they offer in terms of accuracy, features, and reliability. You may need to go through a huge list of these agencies and choose the right one through the elimination method. 

3. Look at each web design agency’s website

Well, the website of a reputed web design agency will give you an idea of their spirit. Meticulously observe their website for design elements, colors, fonts, navigation, functionality, and more. See if their website matches your expectations or not. If they have an excellent website for themselves, then they can justify your requirements as well. Moreover, if they can offer you what’s expected in a few clicks then they can grab visitors in a short span. This is vital for any business so, keep an eye on it. 

4. Go through their case studies, achievements, and portfolio

Good web designers would showcase their case studies and how they resolved technical glitches through out-of-the-box and atypical solutions. Check if the web design agency has case studies that match your business goals. Case studies will help you discover what they have done for their past clients and their approach toward website redesign. It will help you evaluate their ability for your precise requirements. Go through their portfolio to see if they have done your kind of projects in the past. Weigh their prowess and success ratio by aligning them with your marketing goals. It will be helpful to gauge their solutions on the scale of profitability. Once you are clear that they can do justice to your domain, take it forward. 

5. Find reviews about each web design agency

Make sure that you check the client reviews and testimonials of all the probable web agencies. Apart from their websites, check the reviews on professional review sites like Google My Business. Also, go through their social media profiles for a hands-on idea about what their customers have to say about them. Go through their ratings and comments to know the genuine feedback of their customers. This will give you more clarity about their approach and acumen. 

Analyze if they are following the latest design trends or not. Smart web designers should not only be creative, but updated as well. If they miss out on the flavour of the season, they won’t be able to bring in that much-needed freshness in your website redesign process. Always research how they implement new design trends in their projects. An obsolete website is a sure-shot way to lose customers. So, discuss with the shortlisted agencies how they connect the upcoming design strategies with the vision of their customers. 

7. Check for their experience in your industry

You must evaluate their success rate in redesigning projects for your industry. For example, a pharma company website will need product pages that are informative, and detailed, yet compel visitors for a call to action. Similarly, a creative site will highlight the artistic approach with its design, features, and navigation. This way, weigh the web agencies for their expertise in your industry. Ask for their portfolio and projects that match your requirements. Discuss with them about their website revamping calibre for your kind of business. 

8. Check if the agency offers responsive websites

This is of grave importance! Web designers should offer mobile-friendly websites, which can help you tap a customer base that chooses smartphones and tablets over desktops. Your website redesign process must include building a responsive site. If you already have one, then update it with the latest design trends. It should be clear that your site should open on devices of all screen sizes. There should not be a question of a separate mobile site unless your business demands it. So, discuss all these parameters in detail. 

9. Is the web design agency fitting your budget?

Website redesign cost is a significant parameter to help you zero down on the web designers. Out of the shortlisted agencies, you should narrow down to those that fit into your budget. While discussing the budget, check if they are offering any support services. Discuss if they offer payment in instalments or not. All this will help you gauge your current and annual cost of redesigning an existing site. 

Choose the Right Agency for Your Website Redesign!

To conclude, it is important to find the agency that best fulfils your creative, technical, and business requirements. Choose professionals who are accountable for their services. Website redesign is an investment for higher returns so, make sure that you choose an agency that multiplies your returns. 

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