UX is not UI: Know Why and How Both Have Their Own Importance

UX is not UI

Let’s debunk the myth about UX as people used to think that UX is UI. Earlier there was a huge search history telling ‘UX / UI Developer’ or ‘UX / UI Designer’. There are numerous UX designers and developers who are looking for work in the industry. This is the only reason there are so many applications for a particular position.

Calling a UX designer as UI designer is calling an engineer as mason.

However, there is a fine line between it, and that is somehow neglected by the people.

In order to get a good idea about the UX and UI, you need to know that a UX designer can design good User Experience; whereas, a UI designer create User Interfaces. Due to the fine line, the people who are looking for a job in the industry are asked to apply for the position be it for UX designer or UI.

So, here is our main point to be discussed today…

Why UX is not UI?

It is essential to learn the fine line between UX and UI. There is a very simple way to get knowledge. The UX has UI but UI does not have UX and this is the reason a User Interface Designer uses User Experience Design concepts and knowledge. Although the concept is the key in UX. And a UI designer does not deal with theoretical framework or create personas. A UI designer conducts the research work or user interface design aligning the mood boards and the other things mentioned in the UX report generated by UX Designer. Apart from that UI designer does not have to deal with user psychology, information, and data flow. Sometimes a UI designer does wireframes that is not very commonly done and that makes the difference from a User Experience Designer.

There is a simple way to state the difference; although the definition of the User Interface Designer is not so simple. A User interface designer designs for software and machine-like, home appliances, computers, mobiles, etc. The focus of the design remains on increasing the stability of the product that will lead to great user experience. According to the definition, it is clear that UI design has to deal with physical interfaces and engineering. It has been seen that most of the UI designers design mobile formats and web formats. This is the reason in the market you will find that UI designers are involved in designing projects related to cars, commercial plans to the computer system.

UI Design is all about to deal with the physical interfaces and engineering. Means it is something the users observe, touch and feel as it is visible throughout the website or application software. While UX is just about to make the users feel the better flow of data or information throughout the website or application software embedding the user psychology and behavioural measurements.

In order to develop such projects, a designer requires knowledge and basic skills. A designer who is properly trained is a particular thing then he or she can develop the project. However, you need to remember that a UI designer is not only design web and mobile projects but also can perform the multidisciplinary project. Their work is no less than a project done by a web designer. A UI design contains web design.

Is UI Less Important than UX?

The answer is a big “NO”, let’s understand why…

People (except the UI or UX Design Experts) think that UX is important and this is the reason they tend to learn UX Design after learning UI Design. They seem to think that if they don’t do UX then their role is less important, or they will get less work. There a myth prevails among the UI Designers that, with only UI design they will not be able to get enough job work in the market. A UI designer without having knowledge about UX will definitely fail to develop User Experience. Similarly, a UX engineer will not be able to develop a User Interface. So in the real world, UI and UX both are different in their own ways. But the most noticeable point is that they both are the perfect match for each other.

The UX design is not as visible as design work is done by a UI designer.


It is common to find the User Interface Designer than User Experience Designer. Because everyone may not be good at defining the structural and behavioural flow of a website or application. And the same is for User Interface Design. In short: UX is not UI and UI is not UX. As-Easy-As-It-Sounds!

They both are perfect and having equal importance on their own…

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