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With the number of Internet users growing exponentially, it has become crucial for every business to have a well-devised and updated inbound marketing strategy. It is about gaining the attention/trust/satisfaction of the clients using different formats of engaging content. At KrishaWeb, we have three inbound marketing packages for clients of varying budgets and requirements.

Services Available through All KrishaWeb Inbound Marketing Packages

  • MVC support - Laravel Development
    Inbound Consultant

    We appoint efficient and experienced consultants to answer all your queries or to discuss about your inbound marketing strategy.

  • Increased team productivity - NodeJS
    Marketing Strategist

    Every business has unique requirements. Our veteran strategists develop inbound marketing plans depending upon the recent market trends and the unique needs of your business.

  • Monthly Game-Plan

    We build an effective inbound marketing game plan based on our clients’ unique needs to meet each client’s expected goal.

  • Implementation Team

    We have a team of experienced and expert designers, graphic artists and coordinator for the correct implementation of the strategy and maximum outcome.

  • Cost effective - ROR Development
    Monthly Support

    We believe in maintaining transparent relationship. We submit the monthly progress and impact report to our clients letting them visualize the growth.

  • Wholesale Business
    HubSpot Management

    Our Hubspot Management services include HubSpot campaign management, content management, email-marketing campaign, marketing automation and other services to facilitate our clients.


We have enlisted some frequently asked questions with answers to help you understand why we are the right choice for you.

In this digital era, an inbound marketing strategy is essential for the growth of every business. However, this marketing strategy is excellent for the services or products that require a certain level of education. However, you may not require an inbound marketing strategy if the driving factor to sell your product depends upon its price and requires no explanation. Contact us to learn in details about your unique requirements. We are ready to assist you.

No, we believe in building a reliable relationship with our clients. We know that it takes time to see the results of inbound marketing. That’s why we work with our clients on the basis of 12-month contract. We know that things may change on the basis of our clients’ changing requirements or transient market requirements. Therefore, we do not ask our clients to sign a long-term contract. If you do not need our assistance after one year of service, then we will respect your wish.

HubSpot develops and markets some effective software solutions for inbound marketing and sales. We use this solution to create/analyze/publish the tasks that are guaranteed to lead your business towards success. HubSpot includes all the tools that are necessary to create an effective inbound marketing strategy. However, the fees for using HubSpot solution are quote separately. We pay this fee directly to the HubSpot.

We have the reputation of maintaining amicable and collaborative relationship with our clients. For a successful project, we request our clients to attend regular meetings and to give access to the materials/people that are necessary for the delivery of quality project. We also request our clients to review the work in a timely manner. In most scenarios, our clients work with us 3-5 hours a week in order to ensure the successful delivery of a project.

Investing into the inbound marketing strategy is not an additional expenditure, as you receive higher ROI in comparison to other investment strategies. For example, you may expect 10%-15% ROI when investing into the share market. Our updated and well-devised inbound marketing strategy has the potential to generate higher ROI for your business.

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