Five tips to choose right outsourcing partner

KrishaWeb Technologies is a full service digital outsourcing agency. We have our client base from all across the globe. We are strategic partners of many web agencies from across the world. Getting outsourcing web development project is never an easy task. We have learned lots of things working with our clients over the years. Here I have discussed five points that will help web agencies to find the right outsourcing partner for their business. If you are an outsourcing vendor like us, these points will help you close more outsourcing deals.

Before we discuss tips to select the outsourcing company, let’s have a look at some of the pros and cons of having an outsourcing agency developing your project.

Advantages of Outsourcing IT Project

Less operational cost – If you are running through the tight budget for a specific project, outsourcing could be the best option. Outsourcing the project can save about 60% of the operation cost.

Highly Skilled Staff – There are thousands of technical experts online offering exactly what you are looking for. You can hire them at very competitive rates. You can focus on what you can do the best and let your hired proficient workforce do the rest.

No Physical Office Space Needed – It is one of the biggest benefits of having a remote team working on your project. Having an office space for the team extremely expensive nowadays. If you will outsource your project you can effectually reduce this expense.

Disadvantages of Outsourcing IT Project

Risk of Losing Control – When you are outsourcing a project, you are giving a control of that project to another company. Managing project development according to your method becomes difficult in such scenario. It is very important that you and the vendor you have partnered are sharing the same business goals to get the best output for the project.

Risk of Exposing Confidential Data – Business outsourcing relationship highly depends on the trust between both the parties. At some point of time, you need to share some confidential business details if project demands. And if you have not carefully selected your outsourcing partner, there might be a high risk of misusing the confidential business information.

So, now when you know the pros and cons of outsourcing your web/application development project; Let’s discuss some of the points that will help you select the perfect outsourcing partner for your business. Following are some of the features that every business should be looking for to find the right outsourcing vendor.

Technical Expertise

This is the first thing that every business must be looking for while hiring any outsourcing partner. They should be best in the business when it comes to their skills. Your outsourcing team could be the part of your actual team but working from the different location. If that team is technically impeccable, they can strengthen your in-house team as well. Technically proficient team can properly understand your business objective and provide the best solution that suits your business model.

Project Execution Process

Every agency has a well-defined project development lifecycle. They stick to that process for each project they execute. Project development flow and methodology is another important aspect to consider after the technical expertise. If both the companies are willing to share the common business goals than it is must to have a properly synchronized project execution process. It helps in prioritizing the development tasks and completing the project in time.

Communication Language and Methodology

Language can be the barrier while you are doing business all over the world. You can’t do business if you can’t communicate properly. It is must to have a common communication language (Most commonly ‘ENGLISH’) between the outsourcing project provider and vendor. Communication channel also plays a crucial role in business discussions. Email or Phone is the most obvious channel of communication between two parties. There are several project management tools and communication alternatives like Skype available online that you can utilize to establish proper communication.

Location and Time Zone

It is also important to know where is your remote team located and in which time zone they are operating. It is advisable to have some degree of overlap in your and outsourcing agency’s working hours. It helps properly communicate the queries and offers more opportunities for discussion. That lets you settle the issues without delay. Having the remote team in the right time zone ease the communication and makes the project development process better.

Ask for Past Work Samples

Last but not the least, it is very important to check past work of the outsourcing vendor. Also, look for the testimonials from the companies that have already worked with the agency. Being an outsourcing service vendor, it could be a great opportunity for you as well. You must showcase positive customer feedback while approaching the new project. Past work examples will give you the idea about the company’s technical expertise and the customer testimonials will determine the quality of the service they offer. So, it is most important to consider past work sample and customer feedback before selecting the outsourcing partner.

So, these are some of the tips that can help you choose the right outsourcing partner. It is essential to clearly define the ultimate goal of the outsourcing partnership at the beginning. It helps you build the trust and avoid the future conflicts. It is not always true that the big outsourcing companies offer the best service. Selection of the outsourcing partner depends on your project requirements and company’s technical expertise.

I hope these tips will help you to find the best outsourcing partner for your business. At KrishaWeb Technologies, we do business with web agencies all across the globe for their website design, development and digital marketing and mobile app development projects. Contact Us Now if you are looking for India based outsourcing agency to help you with your complicated web design and development projects.

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