KrishaWeb celebrated 3rd grand anniversary

“Anniversary is time to look back at the good times and look ahead to live our dreams together”

It is the 3rd anniversary of KrishaWeb Technologies. Before we know it, three years have passed on quickly with us stepping forward every minute. We proved ourselves to stand toe to toe along with vast client’s trust. We proved the skeptics wrong and not only we are still growing strong, we are exceeding our expectations.

3rd anniversary gives us the chance to fortify our sense of belonging to the company that we work for. It allows us to be proud of our company, to be proud of ourselves and all the work we have done to push our company forward towards the success.

We have celebrated the day with a fervent celebration and lots of adventurous activities followed by the ritual of cake cutting ceremony. The enthusiastic staff and the energetic atmosphere popped up with the authentic celebration to make the day even more special.

While honoring past we are welcoming our glorious future with the help of this anniversary. We hope this anniversary will strengthen the place we occupied in the Web world and also strengthen our image as a more human and more real company.

We have lots of proud and are able to offer latest technology and services. We have updated both our website and marketing materials to reflect our progression. We also have more than doubled our staff to continue to provide excellent, responsive and accurate services. We genuinely work well together and respect each other.

Thanks a lot kindly to all the members who have helped to make this day very special for KrishaWeb.

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