Find out some advance tips for selecting right domain name

How to choose Domain name for your website? How many answers of this question are available on Google SERPs? I think countless. The basics of those answers in short are,

  1. Choose (Dot) com
  2. Easy and short to spell and remember
  3. Choose according to company name or Brand name
  4. Avoid special characters and numbers etc.

Now I have few questions to ask. Today Google and other search engines have become more specific and filtering the result with too many parameters. I doubt, Are these tips enough to choose best domain name? Let us discuss few advanced parameters and techniques.

Geographical Parameters:

To choose “.com” domain is the best option with no doubt as it is widely accepted across the world. Let us think it from different perspective. Google is now more specific and has implemented different domain extensions for different countries as well. For example UK (.uk), India (.in), Indonesia (.id), Ireland (.ie) etc. It is easily understandable that domain will achieve good rankings in short time for If your business is spanned across few countries, not worldwide then what would be the better option for you? In this case, if you buy different domain names for different countries and develop different websites, you will get good business in very short time, though that is little expensive compare to the single .com domain. Hence, is better to choose particular geographic area rather going for whole world. For example visit “”. You will find different domains for different countries, though Disney is well known company. SEO specialist also suggest to go for country specific TLD to achieve ranking for specific country.

Company name vs. product or service name in Domain:

Let us take few examples to get more idea on this option. ““and ““, “” and”

What is the conclusion? Google is world’s largest and most reputed brand still they have created other domain for its product android. It is true for Coca-cola beverage as well. When you are new to industry and creating your brand’s reputation, people will not immediately trust on you. It is preferable to go with product or service name. However, you can make different websites for administrative work like partnership, franchisee etc.

Choose spell according to your targeted location:

Let us take one example straight away. There is no difference in meaning between “center” and “centre”. Center is the spelling in American English. Centre spell is preferred outside the America. One exception is also there. In Canadian English “Centre” is the noun and “Center” is verb.  We conclude that, if you are making a website for Golf training centre in US, you should choose the domain name “”. For other countries, you should choose “”. This is not only the example, there are so many spell different in English of US and UK and of other countries. Take care of this parameter too.

Hope You have enjoyed reading and started your brainstorming.

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