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  • Increase Your B2B Revenue by Aligning Your Sales and Marketing

    Tuesday, Oct 02, 2018 / Business / KrishaWeb
    Strong alignment of marketing and sales team is today an exception and not the rule. This is sad especially when there is a high degree of crossover in the day-to-day function of these two departments. Internal politics and competition often divides the teams along with often contradictory, separate, metrics and goals. This is an open
  • 5 Technologies that will Dominate the Businesses in 2018

    Wednesday, Oct 03, 2018 / Tech News / KrishaWeb
    Every year with new evolving technologies and tools the online businesses are being dominated. Let’s have a closer look at those 5 fastest growing technologies that are expected to rule the roost in 2018 and being adopted by the majority of businesses. The early 20th century was the era of evolving science and the world saw
  • An Expert Interview with Sophia Phillips – WordPress expert working at WordPrax

    Friday, Dec 22, 2017 / Expert Interview / KrishaWeb
    At KrishaWeb, our team is glad to introduce one of the best WordPress Expert ― Sophia Phillips. She is top-notch WordPress expert working at WordPrax, a marketplace that help businesses to take it to the next level by getting them right marketing professionals. Besides, she has written innumerable articles on WordPress and other technical topics.
  • Gear up your Facebook marketing game with these latest techniques

    Wednesday, Oct 10, 2018 / Social Media Marketing / KrishaWeb
    Facebook has been around for more than a decade, but there are many businesses that are not yet comfortable how to use this platform to promote their business and optimize it for their benefit. Let’s have a look at 5 primary Facebook Marketing Techniques that can yield the best dividends for your business. Facebook is
  • Why should you track daily and weekly report also despite monthly report?

    Tuesday, Oct 02, 2018 / SEO Tips / KrishaWeb
    Reporting of your website is vital if you are running an online business and have a website. This helps you understand your current market position and all other necessary analytics required to track your business performance. But is monthly report tracking is sufficient to have a good idea about your website performance or should you
  • wordcamp-us

    KrishaWeb is attending WordCamp US 2017

    Monday, Dec 04, 2017 / WordCamp / KrishaWeb
    WordCamps are the WordPress Community events organized by the dedicated team of the volunteers. It is the best part of the awesome WordPress Community. WordCamp US is no different. WordCamp US is the largest WordCamp in North America. More than 2000 Attendees from across the globe will take part in this event on 1st, 2nd,
  • Improving User-Experience on Long-Scroll Mobile Websites in Six Different Ways

    Tuesday, Oct 02, 2018 / Web Design / KrishaWeb
    An efficient website designer aims to provide smoother user-experience using evolving technology. A simplified design not only saves the users’ time; it also increases the rate of conversion. Several Internet surfers access the Internet through mobile devices and these devices own a large market share, today. Hence, it is essential for the mobile-friendly websites to
  • Top 7 Web designing trends of 2018 to create appealing and interactive websites

    Tuesday, Oct 02, 2018 / Web Design / KrishaWeb
    Website designing requires a perfect combination of creativity and technical knowledge. Therefore, technical updates can influence the latest website design trends. Media, the usability of different designs and users’ experience can influence the changing design trends. Each designing trend has a lifespan of three years before technology creates an advanced version of the existing designing
  • 10 Brilliant Ideas for Geolocation Apps Integrating the Location Based Features to Current Mobile Apps

    Wednesday, Oct 03, 2018 / Mobile App Development / KrishaWeb
    The Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Global Positioning System (GPS) can help businesses perform better with their expansion in the local and global markets. Geolocation is the future technology for mobile interface and is available through every Global Positioning System (GPS) enabled Smartphone. You may use geolocation to find out about a commercial or personal
  • Get Lazy Sign-in Pro for $9.99 only

    Tuesday, Oct 02, 2018 / WordPress / KrishaWeb
    Download the Lazy Sign-in Pro for $9.99 only. Pro version of the Lazy Sign-in Plugin is packed with the advanced features like customizable login page, improved CSS, JS and terms and condition check box etc. We are excited to achieve the new milestone for the Lazy Sign-in plugin. The Plugin has more than 1000 downloads

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