Skype facing global outage problem

Skype is facing major outage since Monday morning. Users from the different regions have started complaining on different social media sites. The massive Skype outage has hit the UK, Australia, Japan, Europe and Asia etc. It is a global outage that has affected millions of regular users of Microsoft-owned messaging platform. Well, the good news is that company has identified the issue and working on fixing the issue.

Thousands of users have reported the global outage of Skype on Monday. Microsoft has confirmed the news and told the community that they will fix the issue soon.

Skype is a popular cross-platform for chat, voice calling and video calling service. All the affected users are unable to change their online status, their contacts are also shown as offline and they are unable to start a Skype call. But the instant messaging service is not affected by this outage. Skype Web service also seems unaffected. So, if you want to make calls and send instant messages, you can do that using the Skype Web service. People are talking about the issue on social media since morning. Here are some tweets from the users facing the Skype trouble.

Well, the company is working on fixing the issue. And hopefully, we will get the Skype back on track very soon.

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