iOS 9 is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users

Wait for the iOS 9 is finally over now. iOS 9 is available to download now. Apple has promised some exceptional feature with the OS update and the company has not disappointed the community. It doesn’t seem visually much different from iOS 8 or even iOS 7. But the latest version of the mobile operating system is packed with lots of extraordinary features and performance updates.

iOS 9 is available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. You can download the upgrade by selecting the Software Upgrade in the General Settings of devices. If you can’t find the update there, alternatively you can get the upgrade by connecting the device to the latest version of iTunes. It is the standard process of getting OS upgrade. Don’t get panic if you can’t get the upgrade right away. Apple follows the queue system for big updates like this to ensure the speedy download. There are thousands of users trying to get the upgrade for their device OS at the moment. It is possible that you might be in the queue and receive an update in next few hours.

iOS 9 brings lots of major and minor changes to the mobile operating. The system looks much stable now. Multi-tasking has redefined the way people used to work on iPad. It has some other functional and app updates like Updated notes, Public transport maps, iCloud Drive App, Updated Mail app, Quick type and Android migration ability etc. Apple has worked on some performance and security features in this upgrade. It allows you extra 3 hours of battery life with its new ‘Low Power Mode’.  iOS 9 is majorly focused to provide better device security. Device’s advance security helps you to protect your personal information like photos, documents, messages, emails etc.

iOS 9 requires less space as compared to previous versions. It requires only 1.3Gb of free space to work. Have you upgraded to iOS 9 or yet to receive the update?

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