Apple Pencil – A tool must to have in designer’s kit

Though Steve Jobs was not a great fan of the stylus. He once said, “Who wants a stylus? You have to get them, put them away. You lose them. Yeuch!!!” He was telling this at the launching of iPhone with the tiny 3.5-inch display. That wasn’t actually required the stylus. But, technology and requirements have changed with the time now. Apple has introduced the Apple Pencil to work with company’s biggest 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

Steve Jobs: “Who wants a stylus?” – Apple – Steve Jobs at Macworld 2007 in San Francisco

We used to seeing lots of games presentations and technical upgrades in Apple Keynote. But the community has witnessed two major announcements from the software giants in this year’s September Event. Microsoft has revealed the latest version of Office that is specially designed for the iOS9.  Adobe has also launched the fix in their design software Photoshop. Office and Photoshop both are released as the professional tools for the designers.

The Apple pencil works very nicely with the iPad Pro and it’s a great step forward for creating design on a mobile device. It detects pressure, angle and the position of the screen so you can actually work in the 3rd dimension (z-index). Apple Pencil is very convenient to use as compared to other stylus. It comes with a lighting connector that you can charge it with your iPad.

Introducing Apple Pencil

If you compare Apple Pencil with Wacom and Sensu then they are still good for Adobe Softwares. Checking the past record, Apple doesn’t actually innovate. What they proficiently do, they jump on right fashion at just the perfect time. Apple products are rarely first to market but no doubt their products give very much well refined solutions. It is in the case of Apple Pencil too. There are many other big brands that have already developed this product like Wacom, Samsung etc. All other brands have to improve the product features and standards to compete with the ‘Apple Pencil’.

There is a huge battle in Stylus industry for creating more effective and precise tools. In next few years, stylus makers will have the challenge to make the stylus according to the convenience of designers No stylus can give 100% satisfaction due to different requirements of a designer. The solution is to buy a range of styluses to gain a perfect outcome.

Apple Pencil is going to cost $99 and will arrive in the month of November and it’s yet not confirmed that it will work with existing iPads or not. Follow the link, if you have missed the keynotes of Apple September Event 2015.

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