Important takeaways from the Apple WWDC 2016

Right from the latest iOS 10 to the new watchOS 3, the WWDC 2016 event was full of exciting announcements. The company has announced some important software updates in the WWDC Keynotes. Some of the important announcements from WWDC 2016 include the iOS 10, macOS Sierra, new watchOS 3 and tvOS 10. Did you miss the live streaming of the event? Don’t worry. Here we have collected the important announcements from the Apple WWDC 2016.

iOS 10

The latest mobile OS iOS 10 that is the biggest iOS release ever for the users till the date. It includes several feature updates like redesigned notification, revamped music and maps app, lock screen features and expanded role of 3D Touch. One of the most important updates with the iOS 10 is that the Siri has opened up for the third-party app developers. Users will be able to utilize the third party apps like Uber or WeChat through Siri now. iPhone and iPad’s Photos App has also got a huge overhaul to identify the faces and objects in the photos to the group and manage the photos. Apple has also featured the Messages app with lots of the effects in iOS 10.

macOS Sierra

It’s time to say Goodbye to MacOS X. The brand new desktop operating system is called ‘macOS Sierra’. The biggest update in the macOS Sierra is the introduction of Siri to Desktop and Laptop systems. Yes, you are reading it right. Now, Siri will help you complete your tasks easily on the desktop as well. Apple has also introduced Apple Pay to the desktop in mac OS Sierra. The latest macOS has several other feature updates like the universal clipboard and greater iCloud Integration. Universal clipboard lets to share files and copy data across multiple devices. Better integration with iCloud will free up the lots of space on your hard drive by hosting the local content in the cloud.

watchOS 3

Apple has faced lots of criticism for Apple Watch being very slow, have a bad user interface and over-reliance on Siri. Apple has made sure to fix these problems in the third iteration of the watchOS. Apple Watch loads the Apps seven times faster in watchOS 3 as compared to the previous OS. It also has a brand new user interface that is quite easier to access. The side button on the watch can be used to access the ‘dock’ where you can swipe through the different on the watch. Another new feature called ‘Scribble’ lets wearers quickly respond to the messages. Instead of typing the message, the user can draw each letter of the word in English or Chinese to respond to the message.

tvOS 10

Apple tvOS is just less than a year old yet having a significant impact on the community. It hosts more than 1600 video channels and over 6000 different apps. Latest tvOS 10 includes several important feature updates. Siri will be able to search through more than 650,000 movies and shows on tvOS 10. It can also search on the YouTube channels. Apple has also introduced an Apple TV Remote App. This app will let you control the Apple TV from your phone just like you can do with Apple TV remote. The company has also introduced the single sign-on system that lets you log into all the network apps at once.

So, these are the software updates announced at WWDC 2016. These system updates are resulted in several small and big feature updates. Let’s have a look at some of the awesome new features that Apple has introduced in WWDC 2016.

Siri and Apple Pay comes to Desktop

The latest macOS Sierra has brought one of the most exciting changes to the desktop system. Apple’s voice-operated virtual assistance ‘Siri’ comes to desktop now. You can take help of Siri to find a specific file, search something on the web or respond to the messages on your Laptop. Introducing Siri in Desktop and Laptop makes the multi-tasking easy on the desktop device. Apple has also introduced It’s mobile payment service Apple Pay for the desktop users. Users will be able to use Apple Pay and do online payment through Safari. Apple Pay authentication will work through figure print scan either on your phone or on Apple watch. This feature will be available in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and Singapore.

Redesigned Maps

The Maps app has become much cleaner and feature rich now. The company has redesigned the whole Maps app keeping the navigation feature in mind. Maps app can be integrated with other third-party apps. That lets you book the ride or reserve a dinner table right from the Maps App. You can also pay for your booking via Apple Pay. Maps app also recommends the most preferred route to your destination based on the current traffic situation and also gives the estimated time to reach to the destination. The Maps app is also coming to CarPlay. It will suggest you the traffic and alternative routes on your car display as well.

Revamped Apple news and music apps with new UI

Apple news is featured with more than 2000 publications and over 60 million monthly readers. Apple is rolling out the all-new user interface for the News App. The new user interface has clear sections like Top News, Trending and Sports etc. It also creates a new section based on your reading habits that keep you close to the stories that you love to read. Apple has completely redesigned the Apple Music just after a year of existence. The latest design makes it very simple and easier to navigate through the app. You can also find new lyrics section in the Apple Music now.

Messaging is more fun now

Apple has added several awesome features to its messaging app this time. The company has completely revamped the app to offer better chatting experience. Emojis in the iMessage are three times bigger than the normal size and it also offers suggestions to turn specific keywords into emojis.  They have added the animated effects like strobe lights, balloons and confetti etc. You can also hide the text until receiver swipes on the message if you use invisible ink to write a message. It also lets you write a message in your own handwriting. But the best part is that developers are also getting the access of messages now. So you can expect lots of third party apps for iMessage in future.

These are some of the important feature updates announced at Apple WWDC 2016. Apple has revealed lots of other updates on the first day of the five-day event. Below you can have a look at the highlights of the Day 1 at the WWDC 2016.

Apple’s WWDC 2016 keynote in 10 minutes

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