Weekly web industry updates – 13th June to 19th June, 2015

Hello everyone! I welcome you for the weekly tech news update for the week (13th June to 19th June). There will be always something new you can expect in this era when technology gets updated at lightning speed. Google, Microsoft, Mozilla and others have teamed up to introduce the Web Assembly. Google has confirmed another core algorithm update and Facebook has launched a new smart way to share the photos with the friends. Let’s have a look over some of the big news from the tech industry.

Google, Microsoft, Mozilla and others team up to launch WebAssembly 

All the major browser vendors like Google, Microsoft, Mozilla and others are teaming up to launch the WebAssembly. It is going to be the new binary format for the web. Google, Microsoft, Mozilla and the engineers on the WebKit project has announced yesterday that they are forming new binary format to compile the web applications. The basic idea is that WebAssembly will provide a single compilation target for the web to developers. That will eventually become the web standard implemented by all browsers. Developers will be able to use WebAssemble and JavaScript both side by side for one application.

Facebook Moments: Smart and secure photo-sharing app 

Facebook has launched the new app, especially designed for the photo sharing. “Moments” is a private place created by Facebook where you can share the photos with your Facebook friends. You need to simply upload the photo to the app and select the friends with whom you want to share those photos. Moments uses the facial identification technology used by the Facebook to recognize your friends and offer you the sharing suggestion based on that. Moments gives you total control over with whom you share the photos and who can share their photos with you. This app is available in Apple store and Google play store for the USA users.

Google AdWords upgraded URLs Deadline: 1st July 

Google has reminded the community that the deadline for the upgraded URLs for AdWords accounts is on 1st July. Webmasters will no longer be able to edit or create the destinations URLs after the date. All destination URLs will be required to be created using upgraded URL fields only. The account that uses the auto-tagging will automatically get updated to the new upgraded URLs and will get the performance report reflecting the auto upgrade. But accounts with auto-tagging disabled or using third party URL tracking service needs to create new destination URLs using upgraded URLs. If they won’t update the destination URLs, the Ad will stop serving within a few months.

Jack Dorsey to be the permanent CEO of Twitter 

Former Twitter CEO Dick Costolo has stepped down from the CEO post last week. The company has announced Jack Dorsey as an interim CEO on that day. It is confirmed that Jack Dorsey is going to be the permanent CEO of the micro-blogging social network. Twitter has also made some of the technical and visual changes in the past week. They are now experimenting with the “heart” symbol for the favorite tweets instead of a star. Twitter is experimenting with the small set of users and they will roll out for all if they get sufficient results. Twitter has also started supporting auto-playing Videos and GIFs.

Dropbox lets other to upload files to your account 

Widely used data storage and sharing application “Dropbox” has recently rolled out the new feature called “File Requests”. This new feature allows the users without a Dropbox account to share the files with Dropbox users in one common place. File Request feature is meant to be an alternative of the file sharing via emails. It allows you to share the files up to 2 GB with any dropbox user. The File Request feature is currently available for Dropbox Basic and Pro users. Business customers will get it soon.

Google confirms core algorithm change 

Finally, Google has confirmed that the algorithm update that the community is expected to be Panda or Penguin is nothing but the core ranking algorithm change. There has been lots of chatter about the possible panda update in the community since last 2-3 days. Automated tools like Mozcast and others have also shown some significant spike in the chart. But Google spoke person John Mueller told in video hangout that it was not Panda or Penguin update. These are some normal improvements that Google continuously does in the core search algorithm.

Google giving slow to load label in mobile search result 

As per the latest experiment by the Google, they are giving “slow to load” warning for the YouTube videos in mobile search results. Google has previously tested it with the red slow labels in mobile search result back in February. This time they show “slow to load” label with the yellow warning sign next to the result. Google continuously works on mobile search UI and try to give the optimum search experience to mobile searchers. This is also the part of the same, according to the officials.

So, these are all the glimpses of all tech updates throughout the week. Industry giants like Google, Firefox, Microsoft and others have teamed up to bring the new standard for the industry. Dropbox has announced really useful feature. The wait for the possible panda update is still on for the webmasters. And twitter has made several changes while introducing the new CEO. That’s all for this week’s weekly news round up. I will catch you again next week with some more exciting news and updates from the industry. Till then happy surfing and have a wonderful weekend.

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