Weekly web industry updates – 20th June to 26th June, 2015

This week has been pretty interesting for the industry as always J. Facebook has announced some updates in mobile and messenger app. Google is testing yet with another mobile interface change. AdWords have made some significant updates to reduce the accidental clicks on mobile devices. HubSpot has taken their one of the most successful CRM software out of the Beta version. Many more updates are there from the tech world. Lets have a look over some important announcements and updates happened during 20th June to 26th June, 2015.

Facebook lets you use Messenger App without Facebook Account

Users don’t need to have an active Facebook Account to use Facebook Messenger App. Starting from 24th June; users in Canada, United States, Peru or Venezuela can access the Messenger app using their Phone Number. This could be the final step by social network to make messenger, a separate messaging platform. Users who don’t have Facebook account, will be able to use all features like chat, call, image sharing etc. via their phone number. Facebook will show a message “Not on Facebook” on the welcome screen for such users and users will be able to sign up for Facebook from that link.

Facebook users can add links to without leaving the App now 

You don’t need to switch over the browser to share the link in your Facebook status from a mobile device. Facebook Application has updated the feature that allows users to find the links they want to share within the Application only. What you have to do is just click on the new link icon in the virtual keyboard of the device. This step leads you to a search box from where you will be able to search for the links you want to share. Once you select the link from the search result the link will be shown at the bottom of the status update.

HubSpot took CRM tool out of Beta 

HubSpot a well-known company that builds marketing software, has announced that they are taking their most successful “CRM Tool” out of beta. According to company, this tool has served over 60,000 companies during the beta period. The company CEO has also announced that the product still will be free for all. But their sales acceleration tool “Sidekick” will be charged $50 per set, per month. Keeping the tool free is expected to attract the companies that are currently not using the HubSpot product.

Google testing with new mobile interface design

There is nothing surprising in it that Google keeps on testing with their mobile search interface. This time Google is testing with keeping logo on the top center of the search result. This new mobile interface makes the search box bigger and provides more white space on the screen. Google keeps on changing the design interface (especially mobile) to provide a better search experience. This particular interface looks pretty clean and smooth with oversized header.

Google AdWords update to reduce accidental clicks 

50% of the touchscreen clicks tends to be accidental according to Google AdWords. Google is working hard to reduce the accidental click events. That’s why they have added three new preventive measures to identify, whether the click was accidental or intentional? They have added Clickability delay, blocked clicks on the app icon and blocked the click that happens to the image edge. Advertisers don’t have to pay for the click in any of these circumstances.

Kindle book reviews can be shared via messaging platforms 

Amazon has updated the Kindle that now lets users share previews of the book via different messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or even by text message. Kindle users were having the liberty of sharing the quotes, highlights and recommendations on Facebook and Twitter. Users who receive the recommendation for the book will be able to read the preview of the book in their mobile and desktop devices. They don’t even require kindle app or amazon account.

Google let you Undo sent mails 

What if you send an email to the wrong recipient or found the typo error in the mail just after clinking the send button? “Undo Send” feature recalls email to the masses. After being in the beta mode for a year, it has finally become the standard part of the Google’s webmail service. Users can set the “cancellation period” of five, 10, 20 or 30 seconds after sending the mail and call back the mail during that period of time. This feature is going to help over 900 million Gmail users to cancel mistakenly sent emails.

So, all these were the major tech industry updates of the week. Google has added exceptional features to their mailing service. Facebook has updated the app features. HubSpot and Amazon have also made interesting updates in their products. That’s all for weekly news round up for this week. I will catch you again next week with some more exciting news and updates from the industry. Till then happy surfing and have a wonderful weekend.

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